Nearly 400 names read to honor local veterans lost over past year; list included

May 31, 2022 | 12:10 am

Updated May 30, 2022 | 2:58 pm

Photo by Ryan Richardson

A total of 363 names were read during a Memorial Day service at the Owensboro Sportscenter on Monday, honoring veterans who have died over the last year and had some tie to Owensboro-Daviess County. White roses were also laid on the monument to honor the veterans.

The full list of names can be found below.

The ceremony has been a longstanding tradition to recognize local veterans. 

County Commissioner Charlie Castlen has attended the event for more than 20 years, and for the last decade has taken on the task of compiling the names to be read annually. Don White compiled the list for several years, then Terry Stinson took over for a short time. Castlen took over for the 2014 memorial.

“When I first became an elected official, I started coming to these events,” he said. “I found them very moving. Back then there might be 250-300 people here. They were very well attended, but of course a lot of them were World War II veterans.”

Caslten said throughout the year, he reads obituaries and records the names of anyone listed as a veteran. In the last couple of weeks leading up to Memorial Day, Castlen reaches out to each funeral home and the coroner’s office to see if anyone was left off the list because they weren’t listed as a veteran in the obituary. 

Castlen said the list includes anyone with ties to Owensboro-Daviess County — from growing up here, to attending college or working here for several years, and even to dying in the local hospital or being buried in a local cemetery.

In addition to compiling the list, Castlen also reads half of the names during the memorial service. The other half were read by marine Chuck Coffman.

“I feel honored to be able to do it because my dad was a veteran, and I’m acquainted with a lot of veterans or their families,” Castlen said.

Pam Smith-Wright, president of Kentucky AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, led the ceremony. 

“I’ve just been involved with veterans most of my life, because my dad was a veteran and my husband is a veteran,” she said. “I just think that we owe them so much, so if I can do anything, any little thing, to acknowledge the fact that they sacrificed and served for us, then I will.”

Smith-Wright said that the local support for veterans is unmatched across the commonwealth.

“Owensboro-Daviess County has the best support for veterans of any place I’ve been,” she said. “I have traveled this whole state as state president, and nobody even comes close to the support that Owensboro and Daviess County has for their vets.”

Smith-Wright also gave special thanks to the younger people in the crowd, saying it’s important for the tradition of honoring veterans to stay alive. 

She also said she hopes everyone remembers what the holiday is truly about. Smith-Wright said many people often only think about the picnics and festivities that come with Memorial Day, but it’s the veterans who should be at everyone’s top of mind.

“They don’t even realize that the reason that they’re able to do that is because of veterans, that they have fought for us to have this freedom to do what we want when we want,” she said. “I have told young people to go enjoy yourself on this day, but before you do that, take one minute out of your time and just say thank you to somebody or some veteran or say a little prayer to yourself in honor of veterans.”

As read Monday, the list of local veterans who have died over the last year is as follows:

  1. Paul Richard Johnson 
  2. William B. “Bill” Haynes 
  3. Jeffery Ward Dickinson
  4. Jerry W Johnson, Sr.
  5. John Albert Schartung, Jr.
  6. William “Bill” J. Goins
  7. Lowell Braden 
  8. William “Bill” Ryan 
  9. Charles B. Kimmel
  10. James Martin Head 
  11. Malcolm Felix “Mac” Howard
  12. Michael David Crump 
  13. Juett Gibson
  14. Tim Jones
  15. Lowry Wells Pirtle
  16. Morris M. Adams
  17. Billy Ray Miller
  18. Terry Donald Hamilton
  19. Michael E. Childs
  20. John Michael Hazelwood
  21. Robert L. Boyd
  22. Michael “Wayne” Cecil
  23. Kenneth E. Gossar
  24. Barbara Sue Jenson
  25. Palestine W. Finn, Jr.
  26. John Daniel Lovett 
  27. Bobby G. Chancellor
  28. William “Steve” Shelton, Jr.
  29. John Caraway
  30. Larry Wayne Hale
  31. Tommy Ray Amos
  32. Paul Martin Hamilton
  33. Robert Tucker “Bob” Robinson
  34. James A. “Tony” Cooper
  35. Steve Skinner
  36. Shirlie L. Chinn
  37. Jerry Dale Scoggins
  38. Alan A. England
  39. Russell Dewayne Cupples
  40. Robin D. ‘Rob” Welborn
  41. George W. Nix Jr.
  42. Robert Vic Bowers Sr.
  43. Betty Louise Kuhn
  44. Roger D. Kirtley
  45. Joseph Donaldlee Howard
  46. John O Hicks III
  47. James Patrick Clark
  48. Gerald Ray Hood
  49. Richard D. Blandford
  50. Henry Martin Jewell Sr.
  51. Johnny Louis Horn
  52. Harold Franklin Brewer
  53. Dr. John A. Arnold Jr.
  54. Willard Smith
  55. Brent Edward Nausley
  56. Willian “Todd” Pruden
  57. John Verne Bethel
  58. Gordon W. Westerfield
  59. Roger W. Whitler
  60. Sean Patrick Bennet
  61. Jack Hopkins Tuttle
  62. Jerry Wayne Huff
  63. John L. Snyder
  64. Harry D “Jack” Simpson Jr.
  65. Larry Brent Yonts
  66. Dr. Terry James Witt
  67. Marion Douglas Smith
  68. Fred  Bradley
  69. Annia L. “Barb” Barber Glover
  70. John Dean Simmons
  71. Rusell “Rusty” Abrams
  72. Ralph E Willis
  73. Ian Hunter Taylor
  74. Donald Edwin Pope
  75. Robert David Helinde
  76. Thomas Lee Bruner
  77. Charles “Charlie” David Greer
  78. Samuel G. Thrasher
  79. Harold Edward Nall
  80. Richard “Ed” Ricky Buck
  81. William K. Hodskins
  82. John M. Tate
  83. Emlis Eugene Head
  84. Kerry H. Nottingham
  85. Edward “Gene” Armes
  86.  James Anthony “Tony” Aud
  87. William Leo “Bill” Clark
  88. Charles William Mullican Jr.
  89. Fred Jarrell Jr.
  90. Larry Anthony Bishop
  91. Leonard “Len” Paden
  92. Mike Chambers
  93. James E. Lott
  94. Dr. James Stanton Brashear
  95. Dennis Warren Schnepp
  96. Larry E. Chambers
  97. Pleaz Joseph Kirby Jr.
  98. James Warren Lanham
  99. Charles Edward Moseley
  100. Harold R. Stevens
  101. George Nies
  102. Charles “Charlie” A Meece
  103. Gary Wayne Swentner
  104. Philip Daniel Newton
  105. Kenneth Edge Foster
  106. Todd “Big Poppy” Curtis
  107. Sim Sayre Davenport
  108. Grover B. Oliver Jr.
  109. Jaycee “Jay” Lee Durham
  110. Paul Anthony Barrett
  111. Gary D. Lee
  112. The Rev. Charles Thomas Bennett
  113. John W. Roberts
  114. Tony A. Stinnett
  115. James E. Kauffeld
  116. Howard R. “Cotton” Davis
  117. Elbert Eugene Nesmith
  118. James R “Jim” Foster
  119. John M Keelin
  120. Francis Eugene “Gene” Gilmore
  121. Robert Ernest McIntyre
  122. Wendell C. Welch
  123. Finley William “Bill” Phillips
  124. John William Lanham
  125. Harold Williamson
  126. Gary “Crash” Wayne Colburn
  127. William Sherman Schofield
  128. Gary Dean “Root” Johnson
  129. Donald R Johnson
  130. Bob Wells
  131. Charles “Chuck” Vella
  132. Mike Martin
  133. James Litton Stewart
  134. Dr. Noel B “Buddy” Maddox Jr.
  135. Mark Ratajczak
  136. Martin B Murphy
  137. Derror C Head
  138. Jeff Floyd
  139. Larry F Lowe
  140. Donald “Donnie” Clark Deane Sr.
  141. Bill Tweddell
  142. Bernard Matthew Hagan
  143. Richard Allen Wathen
  144. Christopher “Chris” Henderson
  145. Daniel E Hester
  146. Jerry Wallace Hagan
  147. George William White
  148. Ira Daugherty
  149. Aaron Dwight Morphew
  150. Vernon Leon Sutherland
  151. Billy Ray Shutt
  152. Lloyd Ray “George” Blandford
  153. Guy W. Hundson
  154. Gene Bailey Robbins
  155. Gerald “Jerry” Weikel
  156. Robert Gerald “Pappy” Nalley
  157. F. Reed Carroll Sr.
  158. Ellis “Ray” Laney
  159. James Donald “Don” Wimsatt
  160. Debra Charlene “Debby” Williams Robertson
  161. Timothy Lee “Tim” Ralph
  162. Frank Pryor
  163. William Thomas Boling
  164. Joseph R Hughes
  165. Fred Byron Love
  166. Donald William Johnson
  167. Milton C Jones
  168. Carroll Lee Phelps
  169. Millard Guy “M.G.” Barnett
  170. Donald “Turtle” Brockwell
  171. John William Chappell
  172. Joseph David Spears III
  173. Jack Edwin Ashby Jr.
  174. Gary L. Brown
  175. Allen C. Farmer
  176. Clarence C.A. “Frog” Boone Sr.
  177. Barry Lynn Avers
  178. Avery E. Smith
  179. David Jewel LeGrand
  180. Alan Robert Howard
  181. Franklin Fay Beller
  182. Morris Wayne Varble
  183. Jerry Linvell Lancaster
  184. Joseph Aubrey Hodskins
  185. Harold Leo Withey Jr.
  186. Norman W. Gentry Sr. 
  187. Charles Frederick Schmeal
  188. J.D. (Jack Dozier) Sheldon
  189. Norberto Adorno
  190. James R. “Bob” Volk
  191. Jesse Lee Rininger
  192. Daniel E. Hudson Sr.
  193. Lucian Turner Jr.
  194. George Lewis Sipes
  195. William R. “Bill” Shirel
  196. Donald Durham
  197. Richard “Dick” Eldon Estep
  198. William Kenneth “Kenny” Payne
  199. Karl Dean DeArmond
  200. Ronald C. Boarman
  201. Wilbur Lee “Punkin” Douglas
  202. James Gilbert “Gip” Crowley
  203. Donald William Haas
  204. Victor C. Morton
  205. Theron Eugene Greene 
  206. Leroy Joseph Roberts
  207. Stephen “Steve” Carrington Cabell 
  208. John Russell Fleming
  209. Tommy Keown
  210. Roger L. James
  211. Antoinette “Ann” Charlotte Brumley
  212. Stephen H. Slack
  213. Pat Fogle
  214. Joseph Leo “Jody” Wedding
  215. Paul “Ralph” Thomas
  216. Delmar Boyd Freeman
  217. Richard L. Laws
  218. Phil Winstead
  219. Raymond A. McCormick Jr.
  220. Mary Margaret Drury
  221. Leroy Gilbert
  222. Walter Lee “Wally” Ruby
  223. Clarence James Redfern 
  224. Sidney W. Webster Jr.
  225. Ronald “Wayne” Morris
  226. Glenn Martin Boyd Jr.
  227. Earl Shannon Jasper
  228. David “Gayle” Givens
  229. Buddy Frizzell
  230. Paul I. Haynes
  231. Walter Larry Cundiff
  232. Paul David Austin
  233. Wade Hampton LeMaster
  234. Ernest Chancey Adams
  235. John P. Duke
  236. Fred Joe Newton
  237. Michael Roger Thompson
  238. Thomas Benjamin Garrett Jr.
  239. Terry Dale Stogner
  240. Vincent Joseph Wink
  241. James Everett Buck Sinnett
  242. Thomas E. Wedding
  243. Donald Dean Griffin
  244. Larry M. Mehlbauer
  245. Lester “Les” E. Beller
  246. Bruce Dale Head
  247. Kenneth Edward Blomquist
  248. Billy Gene Robinson
  249. Rick Raydel Herr
  250. Robert “Bob” Gene Marsh
  251. Robert C “Bud” Widmar
  252. Clyde William “C.W.” Thorpe
  253. Jeffrey Statts
  254. Glenn B. Tanner
  255. David Anthony Eberhardt
  256. Yardley “Yard Dawg” Acton
  257. Tom O’Reilly
  258. Larry Guy Crask
  259. Carl James Davis Jr.
  260. William D. “Bud” West
  261. Doy Lee Tipton
  262. Patrick Hughes Hardesty
  263. James “Jim” O. Johnson
  264. Robert Allen Hay
  265. Paul Johnson
  266. Lee Norman Showers Jr.
  267. Chuck Kucera Jr.
  268. Dennis L. Hamilton
  269. Ronald “Ronnie” D. Hibdon
  270. Bernard Leo “Buddy” Clark
  271. George H. Collignon
  272. Miles Snyder
  273. Edward “Myrel” Trunnel
  274. Richard L. Smith
  275. Joseph William Fulkerson
  276. Jerry Simon
  277.  Mike Cottrell 
  278. George Corley Moore
  279. Carol Martin “Bill” Gatton
  280. James Richard “Jim” Powers
  281. James “Fred” Whelan
  282. William David Johnson
  283. James Alan Burdick
  284. Thomas Paul Murray Sr.
  285. Jimmie Lee Reynolds
  286. Lawrence Roy Payne
  287. John Mountain
  288. Fred Morris Wood
  289. Joseph Walton Tate Sr.
  290. Donald “D.W.” Smith
  291. Marshall Canary
  292. David Michael Everly
  293. Joseph Charles Stuhr
  294. Mark Myers
  295. Gregory Wade “Smile” Hancock
  296. Odie Frank Eaves
  297. James F. “Jim” Stowers
  298. Lee E. Roberts Jr.
  299. Larry Wayne Goetz
  300. Wayne Lee Kaysinger
  301. Joseph Wayne Knott
  302. Thomas Joseph Hamilton
  303. Joe Burris Dragoo
  304. Thomas Eugene Coomes
  305. Perry King Jaeger
  306. Cheryl Turner
  307. Ilene Florence Howerton
  308. Claude E. Gibbs
  309. Marguerite E. Thomas
  310. Melvin Cecil Larsen
  311. Allan Ray Oost
  312. Charles Gene Kind
  313. Wendell Cortez Welch
  314. Danny Ray Finley
  315. John Bailey
  316. James Kenneth Howard
  317. Michael G. Millay
  318. Gary Dean Vandeveer
  319. Robert Jenney Marshall
  320. James E. Strobel
  321. Robert Bennett
  322. David Main Taylor
  323. Randall Lee Payne
  324. Paul Richard Freels
  325. Allan Wayne Askins
  326. Joseph M. Wheeler
  327. Kenneth Wayne Harley
  328. Paul A Stinnett
  329. Jeffrey Robert Wallace
  330. Vicie Faith
  331. Lewis Crabtree
  332. Martin “Todd” Devine
  333. Gerald “Jerry” Hall
  334. Danny Jay Stone
  335. Robert David Simon
  336. Hugh Mullen
  337. Donald E. Clark
  338. James Herbert Morton
  339. William Edward Head
  340. Edward A. Hawk
  341. C. Lee Schroader
  342. Darrell Dean Jones
  343. Amil R. McCoy
  344. Blane Fuller
  345. Wagner Baskett
  346. Paul Scott
  347. Leamon Royal Jr.
  348. James Cravens
  349. Daniel Ziehr
  350. Robert Holinde
  351. Jerry Crowe 
  352. Roy Sturgeon
  353. John Popham
  354. Nicholas Max Jr. 
  355. Larry Grissom
  356. John Logsdon
  357. Marvin Runkel
  358. Vicky Graham
  359. Michael J “Marko” Markovich Sr.
  360. Howard Jolly
  361. Garry Ayer
  362. Joseph Clark
  363. Shane Bevill

May 31, 2022 | 12:10 am

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