Letter to the Editor: Answering false assertions

November 28, 2023 | 12:01 am

Updated November 28, 2023 | 3:32 pm

Letter to the Editor

This letter is being written to answer the many false assertions being shared since our audit of the public library.

Assertion: Daviess County Citizens 4 Decency wants to ban books.

Fact: This is not true. This Organization and our members simply want the pornographic books located in the TEEN SECTION (ages 14-18) moved to the Adult Section of the library. Additionally, we requested that all books in our audit be labeled with content warnings, like what is done with movies, music, and video games. The library claims they’d have to create a rating system but Booklooks.org already has a rating system and it’s been implemented successfully by other libraries.

Assertion: The books in question are only “offensive” to our hyper-sensitive values.

Fact: The pornography we are referring to clearly meets the benchmark established in the United States Supreme Court test for obscenity. When applying that test, at least 29 books (and likely many more) in the TEEN SECTION of the library meet that standard. Calling us names and denigrating our values will not change this fact. We’re all familiar with this tactic by now, when you can’t defend your position, call names and repeat lies.

Assertion: Trans children need these books to aid in transition.

Fact: Children suffer documented, undeniable, and lifelong psychological and social damage when exposed to pornography. Early exposure doesn’t help anyone, let alone children. DCC4D is trying to protect our children from those with an agenda that is inconsistent with our community standards. It is clear these groups are intent on preying upon children.

Assertion: It’s our values that are out of step with the community.

Fact: The groups making this assertion are led by a local group calling themselves “The Collective.” Aside from pornography for children, they believe private property should be seized, the police should be defunded, and criminals should be released from prison.1

Assertion: DCC4D is causing division in our community.

Fact: If there is division in our community, it is caused by those assaulting our long-held community values. No one else.

For more facts about the books, please follow this link:


You will find a list of the obscene books in the Teen Section at DCPL, with embedded links to actual excerpts. You will be shocked at what is being put in front of our children in our Library. Take a look and decide for yourself if this is what you want happening in our community.

Written by
Jerry Chapman
Chairman, Daviess County Citizens for Decency

November 28, 2023 | 12:01 am

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