Letter to the Editor: In response to accusations against DCC4D

February 1, 2024 | 12:08 am

Updated February 1, 2024 | 12:42 am

Letter to the Editor

In answer to the concerns of this anonymous coalition prepared to stand against DCC4D’s Christian values-based defense of children. Let’s address, one by one, the list of “concerns” this new coalition has with us.

1) That all vacancies on the Daviess County Public Library Board, currently and in the future, should be filled with individuals who are not biased and are willing to consider the interests of the entire community, including marginalized groups.

The Board is CURRENTLY filled with the kind of individuals they want and look where we are. They’ve filled the children’s and Teen sections of the library with books intended to sexualize children. Books that are designed to make children hate themselves or others for the color of their skin. Books that normalize behavior that is sinful in the eyes of God. And as far as any group being marginalized goes, if they are marginalized (and it could be argued they are not), it’s by their own hand. We are prepared to accept you into our community the moment you express remorse, show some respect for our faith and leave our children alone.

2) The attempts by the Daviess County Citizens for Decency to challenge, disrespect, and limit diversity in our community are unacceptable.

We are not to judge. What a person does in the privacy of their own home is their business. But when people of differing beliefs try to force their beliefs on our children, we will and should stand against those forces.

3) Ongoing requests of the library staff by the Citizens for Decency cause interruptions to their work, resulting in waste of time, resources, and taxpayer dollars.

That library staff is paid with our tax dollars. As such, they are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Any citizen has a right to, and in my opinion, an obligation to make sure that our tax dollars are not being spent in a manner that is contrary to our beliefs. In short, answering Open Records Requests is in the job description of every employee of a governmental agency.

4) Library staff and board of directors are enduring private harassment at home, in the workplace, and in the community by this group.

Given the Christian people involved and engaged from our side, I have a hard time believing any of us have harassed any of them. With that said, peer pressure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Being disrespectful or rude however, is. Period.

5) This small group of people attempts to intimidate and pressure library staff and ignores their expertise on library best practices, policies, and procedures.

Note the continued insistence that we are a small group. Hmmm? This one kills me. It’s been said plenty of times, so apparently, they believe it or more likely want the general public to believe it. Having a master’s degree in library science does not make them authorities on childrearing. All the education in the world cannot and will not give them authority over our children. They have exposed our children to pornography. In any other society that would have meant, at a minimum, being fired. But hey! They have master’s degrees.

6) Misinformation by the Citizens for Decency is being provided to the community regarding library materials.

I beg them to show me one instance of “misinformation” from us. Nothing we have said is false. There is pornography in the children’s section of the library. Pornography hurts children, and in some cases permanently. We’ve put it all out there for the public to see.

Written by
Jerry Chapman
Chairman, Daviess County Citizens for Decency

February 1, 2024 | 12:08 am

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