Letter to the Editor: In response to correction about library book

March 30, 2024 | 6:06 pm

Updated March 30, 2024 | 6:06 pm

Letter to the Editor

In response to Jennifer Vogel’s correction, thank you. I made a mistake; I appreciate your correction and I offer my apologies. The book I referred to is indeed “Fly on the Wall” by E. Lockhart. While Ms. Vogel is correct in that this particular book is not in the library’s “physical collection,” it is offered both as an audiobook and eBook. This, in our opinion, presents a larger problem. The argument from proponents of pornography in our library has been, “parents need to do their job!” If a child has a phone or iPad, as so many do today, mom or dad may never know their child is reading this book – or others like it. Our concern is not that parents aren’t doing their job. Our concern is that the library is intentionally preventing, or at the very least making it very difficult for parents to do their jobs.

Ms. Vogel offers “the library is an undiscriminating depository of books.” That is factually inaccurate. It was never the intention of Benjamin Franklin or anyone who succeeded him, for the library system he created to be an “undiscriminating” place where children would be mentally molested. If it had been, it would never have earned the trust it has now lost. Books with adult content belong in the adult section. We struggle to understand why that is such a contentious issue. Children deserve their innocence.

The library, until the arrival of this director, has been a valued ally in defending their innocence. Parents and parents alone are the stewards of that innocence. As a community, we should all be trusted to preserve that sacred right. Our library should never play any part in such an unforgivable betrayal.

Written by
Jerry Chapman
Chairman, Daviess County Citizens for Decency

March 30, 2024 | 6:06 pm

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