Building Permits: Sept. 26 – Oct. 2, 2018

October 7, 2018 | 10:45 am

Updated November 9, 2018 | 8:27 am

The following permits were issued by the Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission from Sept. 26 to Oct. 2:

5504 Mulberry Place, Jagoe Homes Inc. Construct a single-family residence, 3,340 square feet.

5282 Curdsville Delaware Road, Precision Interior Construction. Construct a single-family residence, 1,924 square feet.

815 Triplett Street, Building by Wayne Baker. Maintenance building, 3,600 square feet.

4747 Winkler Road, Chad Caldwell. Install modifications of antenna and equipment to existing cell tower, $25,000.

5301 Frederica Street, Prime Retail Services Inc. Remodel apparel area, $66,000.

4734 Hunters Ridge, Martin Custom Building Inc. Construct a rear covered porch addition, $39,640.

1635 Breckenridge Street, Carston Management Inc. Repair existing residence, $7,000.

704 Alexandria, Rebecca Glenn. Interior Remodel, $12,000.

5135 Veach Road, Brandon Jones. Interior Remodel, convert attached garage to living space, $70,000.

4530 Old Lyddane Bridge, RBE Construction and Remodeling. Interior remodel and master bath addition, $40,000.

1858 Triplett Street, Lanham Bros. General Contractors. Façade renovation, $657,111.

2625 Frederica Street, Vicki Quisenberry. 1st and 2nd floor renovation, phase 2, $19,240.

2626 Burton Road, Harrington Construction. Construct a detached garage, $30,000.

8420 Possum Trot Road, Joseph Deitz. Construct a detached garage and rear covered patio, $8,000.

3136 West 2nd Street, Persona Signs. Install new signage, $8,305.

6465 McPherson Road, Professional Pool Service Inc. Construct an in-ground swimming pool, $9,200.

219 Ridgecrest Place, Justin Hagerman. Construct an in-ground swimming pool, $12,900.

6338 Hwy 762, Homes by Benny Clark Inc. Construct a single-family residence, 4,164.9 square feet.

5406 Meadow Grove Drive, O’Bryan Custom Building. Construct a single-family residence, 2,421 square feet.

6452 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes Inc. Construct a single-family residence, 1,592 square feet.

4778 Breeze Court West, Jagoe Homes Inc. Construct a single-family residence, 3,105 square feet.

2629 Dellwood Valley Lane, Jagoe Homes Inc. Construct a single-family residence, 3,233 square feet.

7301 Hobbs Road, Brian Smith. Construct a small cottage (tiny house), 408 square feet.

6790 Luther Taylor Road, Kentucky Dream Homes. Install/replace a new double-wide manufactured home, 1,568 square feet.

3300 Warehouse Road, Hagan Construction. Construct a new warehouse, $40,000.

2065 East Parrish Avenue, Key Construction Co. Inc. Construct shell 100-400 and all of 500 (McAlister’s Deli), $2,130,148.

10847 Highway 81, JRJ Construction. Residential interior remodel, $35,000.

5546 Mulberry Place, Pro Finish Remodeling. Construct a rear covered porch, $5,500.

1904 Sturbridge Place, Ford Construction. Convert rear half detached garage to rec room, $5,000.

11710 Fields Road South, Wayne’s Custom Building. Construct a family room addition and front porch, $36,000.

4935 Highway 142, RBE Construction. Construct a rear covered porch, $60,000.

8966 Highway 465, Ward Pedley Builders. Complete house remodel, $100,000.

338 Hill Avenue, Wolf Contracting. Remodel and deck addition, $88,000.

3725 Highway 144, Honest Abe Roofing of Evansville. Rebuild existing carport, $3,500.

6471 Highway 144, Jeremy Evans. Install metal carport, $10,000.

7717 Stevens School Road, Joey and Rebekah Morrow. Construct a detached building (steel), $6,700.

2362 Overlook Park, Nick Rinaldi. Construct a detached building, $5,000.

1650 Starlite Drive, Custom Sign & Engineering. Install new signage, $5,960.

3440 Villa Pointe, Custom Sign & Engineering. Replace sign face, $5,500.

3015 Rinaldo Road, Hartz Contracting. Construct a storage building foundation, $200,000.

October 7, 2018 | 10:45 am

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