Real Estate Transfers: June 28, 2019

July 1, 2019 | 9:56 am

Updated July 1, 2019 | 9:56 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 15 and June 28:


5779 Highway 60 West, William and Karen Cecil to Todd and Amanda Boswell, $100,000.

1915 East 18th Street, William and Marcia Millay to Kara Taylor, $76,100.

1031 Gardenside Drive, Angela Fitzgerald to Nicholas Pavlas, $75,000.

1940 Santa Anita Circle, Sara Simonds to Larry Prater, $4,000.

2236 Village Run, Olga Chernova to Scott Remole, $129,000.

2208 Fairway Drive, Benjamin and Courtney Wilkerson to Taylor and Shelby Collins, $187,000.

621 Glenn Court, Laura Payne to Zachery and Jillian McCarty, $117,000.

3147 Highway 144, Racetrac Petroleum Inc. to Rajesal VI LLC, $930,000.

3621 Griffith Avenue South, Thomas Blackford to Sherrell Dean and Patricia Blair, $168,000.

1084 Southgate Drive, Sherrell Dean and Patricia Blair to Amanda and William Sosh, $185,000.

3110 Daviess Street, Paul Puckett, Paul Puckett Jr., Sharon Puckett-Brown, and Joshua Puckett to Alexander and Lindsay Hicks, $94,500.

1936 Ottawa Drive, Matthew and Elizabeth Thompson to Michael Powell, $143,500.

2413 Daviess Street, Walter and Megan Bosse to Maranda Maurer, $144,000.

4318 Loft Cove, Hugh Jr. and Sandra Edds to Jacob Stein, $72,000.

5614 Highway 405, Glenda Johnson to Glenn Johnson, $20,000.

1735 Monarch Avenue, David Boswell to Nicholas Pavlas, $46,000.

37.3 Acres on Highway 554, Fraces Riney to Brian and Amanda Fischer, $284,000.

4764 Pecan Ridge Court, Kevin and Ann Kauffeld to Michael and Judith McGuinn, $235,000.

2425 Elder Drive, Richard and Theresa Stallings to Judy Staples, $115,000.

2941 Allen Street, Mary Whitney to Anne Brown, $81,000.

3300 Carter Road, Economic Development Properties, Inc. to Riverfront Forward LLC, $1,139,633.

9615 Kelly Cemetery Road, Chris King to Dylan and Haley Payne, $68,000.

1616 East 23rd Street, Christian Potts and Zachary Hayden to Shelly and Stacy Whittaker, $165,000.

710 West 2nd Street, Riverfront Forward LLC to City of Owensboro, Kentucky, $1,041,489.

2213 Middleground Drive, Kevin and Roxanna Kirk to Anthony Westerfield and Jennifer Jones, $187,000.

1059 Hill Avenue, Mayfair Square Development Group LLC to Jeremy Luckett, $607,961.

881 Plum Street, Michael Cluster et al to Donald Brown, $4,000.

4531 Cove Point, Imelda and Larry Ralph to Natalie and Matthew Meier, $150,000.

2505 Daviess Street, Kevin and Shelby Mays to Emyle and Christopher Bartlett, $94,400.

2629 Sunrise Drive, Fred and Patricia Phillips to Bretnea Thomas, $84,500.

2419 Allen Street, Matthew and Ivy Morris and William and Gerry Jones to Hunter Nord, $180,000.

1220 Hickory Lane, Murray and Judith Hale to Matthew and Ivy Morris, $270,000.

2698 Landing Terrace, Matthew and Jessica Degnon to Mallorie Stroup, $147,500.

2404 Strickland Drive, Debra Dronet to Joseph and Rita Ballard, $126,000.

4212 Yewells Landing West, Darian and Tara Boling to Donna and Steven Mast, $160,000.

900 Charles Scott Drive, Dorothy Payne to Mark and Debra Hess, $134,000.

1230 Hill Avenue, David and Lindsey Roberts to David and Lorie Baker, $143,000.

610 Bolivar Street, Jeremy Knott to Morgan Maske, $98,000.

4100 Yewells Landing West, Philip Tichenor to Kevin and Maria Hull, $159,900.

2105 West 6th Street, Ronald Prater Jr. et al to Autry Properties LLC, $17,500.

2061 Sussex Place, Edward Almes to Otis and Susan Hicks, $182,000.

4462 Springhill Drive A, Hillary Hale to Jerry and Sharon Taylor, $208,000.

3004 Saratoga Court, Brock and Kendal Quinton to Gregory and Hillary Strahan, $220,000.

2324 Wintergreen Loop North, Gregory and Mary Alvey to Steven Voyles, $198,900.

1419 Parrish Court, Gabriel Guardian LLC to Zenda Johnson, $73,000.

409 Graystone Drive, Chester Ray to Jason and Patricia Duplantis, $186,150.

125 East 8th Street, Amanda Morrison to Morgan and Cameron Kelly, $115,000.

4707 Water Wheel Way, Amy Hildebrant to Donald and Carolyn Lloyd, $300,000.

7735 Highway 144, Donald and Carolyn Lloyd to Amy Hildebrant, $425,000.

6391 Autumn Valley Trace, Alison McFarland to Charles Jr. and Crystal Sanders, $149,000.

813 Creek Harbor Court, Terry Woodward to Donnie and Natalie Embry, $153,000.

1735 Freeman Avenue, Joseph and Janice Hampton to Mary and Ryan McCauley, $257,500.

6307 Jack Hinton Road, I N D L E A S #1 to Tracy Mulligan, $112,000.

948 Turtle Creek Drive, Jason and Patricia Duplantis to Brock and Kendal Quinton, $265,000.

4382 Thruston Dermont Road, Otis and Susan Hicks to Norman and Mary Lou Howard, $230,000.

1331 Deep Wood Court, Bonnie Hite to Lian and Par Zi Awi, $179,900.

5477 Ridge Pointe Court, Drew and Lee Ann Moss to Zachary and Courtney Clark, $410,000.

808 Frederica Street, Judie Peyton to Glen Murphy, $185,640.

515 Manchester Loop, Carrie Bertram to Martin and Star Stahl, $206,900.

1089 Southgate Drive, George Burg and Edward Burg to Michael Middlebrooks and Donna Bretherick, $90,000.

3020 Waterside Way, Nicole and Christopher Davis to Greg and Joni Collins, $268,000.

2545 Eastland Drive, Stephen Kuhna to Jared and Charley Spurrier, $120,000.

8 Quail Ridge Court B, Judy Staples to Philip Tichenor and Janet Weidemann, $120,000.

316 Magnolia Drive, Equity Trade & Relocation Company to Gregory and Mary Alvey, $245,000.

731 Carter Road, Janice Roberts to Robert Deason IV, $112,000.

2521 Nelson Avenue, Clarence Freeman to Jonathan and Selina Christie, $59,000.

1525 St. Marys Avenue, Sandy Stovall to Sandra Alder, $139,900.

2324 Meadowhill Lane, David and Talia Jacobsen to Miranda and Justin Embry, $222,000.

6610 Thoreau Village, Betty Martin to Jasmine Embry, $100,023.

2245 Becklynn Drive, Mahesh and Hema Goyal to Cody and Sarah Boles, $187,000.

2023 East 18th Street, C W D Properties LLC to Cheryl Morris, $10,000.

408 East 20th Street, Nicholas Jones to Collin Payne, $99,900.

2718 Daviess Street, Amy Wright to Jacob and Ashley Duel, $112,000.

4161 Hayden Road, Ambrose Settles to Gary and Margaret Boswell, $620,000.

94 Dublin Lane, Denise Pace to Nicholas Pavlas, $47,000.

2014 Prince Avenue, James Wilson to Maria Martinez, Osorio Manuel, and Carlos Knight, $72,500.

906 Glenn Court, Karen Carlton to Brandon and Jennifer Bunch, $78,600.




July 1, 2019 | 9:56 am

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