Real Estate Transfers: May 7, 2019

May 13, 2019 | 10:19 am

Updated May 13, 2019 | 10:19 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between April 29 and May 7:


704 Belmar Drive, James and Linda Abbott to Steven Lester, $127,000.

6630 Autumn Creek, Lee Mitchell to Harry and Erica Pedigo, $222,500.

103 West 22nd Street, Melissa Hoffman et al to Mark and Amber Adkins, $115,000.

1929 Village Run, Michael and Kerstyn Lacy to Wessly and Jamie Ford, $145,000.

722 Jed Place, Dariush Shafa to First Quality Rentals LLC, $46,000.

2932 Ridgewood Street, Donald Ard to Ronny Salvador, $60,000.

126 Goldfinch Drive, Larry II and Ashley Bartley to Jaclyn Mason and Paula Mason, $144,900.

198 Santa Maria Drive, James Jr. and Alison Parson to John and Ruth Fischer, $217,000.

7283 Highway 56, Town & Country Property LLC to Kimberly Booker, $115,000.

10750 Lafayette Street, Jarrod and Diane Wilson to Ashley and Tyler Whitaker, $176,650.

1219 Saint Ann Street, Steven Reyes to Robert and Susan Gass, $83,000.

3331 Grist Court, Corie Profitt to David and Shawna Beckhart, $115,000.

1407 Hathaway Street, J K L M Investments LLC to Helen Jackson, $28,500.

11148 Highway 764, Gerald and Marie Wedding to Ivo and Martha Burch, $16,001.

3334 Majestic Prince Drive, Larry Sansom to Jordan and Kayla Isbell, $157,000.

1226 West 3rd Street, Whitney Adamson to Gary and Bridget Copeland, $84,000.

909 East 3rd Street, Kenneth Moseley to James Belcher Jr., 45,000.

3218 Hummingbird Loop South, Earlene Beavin to Stanley Woodard Jr., $113,000.

7470 Old Highway 81, Jason and Audrey Smith to Matthew Terry and Jessica Adamson, $179,900.

3750 Locust Hill Drive East, Victoria Wilson to Dustin Whitworth, $177,500.

3508 East 6th Street, Jeremy Wathen to Sarah Hagan, $124,900.

912 Elsmere Street, George and Constance Craig to James and Mary Stewart, $40,500.

718 Leitchfield Road, Eric and Cassie Howe to Adams & Dye Properties LLC, $22,500.

1636 Forest Lane, Nicholas Hetman to Joseph II and Ashley Bartley, $190,000.

506 Hall Street, Ronald Prater Jr. et al to Adams & Dye Properties LLC, $20,000.

6182 Waterfield Drive, Justin and Kasandra Day to Jacob Roberts, $134,500.

4106 Rudy Martin Drive, Larry and Patricia Murphy Revocable Trust to Yolanda Butts, $111,900.

2017 York Drive, Kimberly Jean to Kendra Bronsick, $147,000.

1608 West 12th Street, Larry and Patricia Murphy Revocable Trust to Josephine Hayden, $38,000.

418 Locust Street, Sally McGehee to Whitney and James Payne, $189,000.

2520 Winning Colors Way, Doug and Marquetta Miller to Alison Grant, $173,000.

8219 Boteller Road, Beverly and John Phillilps to Brandon Adams, $131,900.

926 East 18th Street, Herman and Joy Beliles to Chardy Doolin, $66,847.

5151 Free Silver Road, John Smith to Keegan Cameron, $89,900.

4045 Kensington Place, Lisa Hawkinson to Robert and Patricia Johnson, $205,000.

506 Eastwood Drive, Eugene and Mary Jozwick to Lauren Thompson, $116,000.

7031 Highway 2830, Brenda Higdon to Byron Hubert, $15,000.







May 13, 2019 | 10:19 am

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