Real Estate Transfers: Nov. 2 – Nov. 13, 2018

November 13, 2018 | 5:09 pm

Updated November 24, 2018 | 5:09 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Nov. 2 and Nov. 13:

1915 East 22nd Street, Commonwealth Credit Union Inc. to Jiang Shufel, $30,000.

3106 Deer Trail, RNA Rental Hosplex LLC to James Craig and Marcis Craig, $109,250.

3112 Deer Trail, RNA Rental Hosplex LLC to James Craig and Marcis Craig, $109,250.

2747 Mercedes Drive, Garrett Jr. and Kimberly Humphrey to Nicholas Pavlas, $46,000.

4006 Benttree Drive, RNA Rental General LLC to James Craig and Marcis Craig, $213,750.

Aull Road (72.061 Acres), Adams Motor Sales, Inc. to Isaac Carmon, $223,000.

3211 Hummingbird Loop North, Zachary Moore to Mary Moore, $105,000.

1630 Antler Avenue, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC to Jeremy and Angela Hatfield, $231,000.

4020 Reliant Circle, Catherine Warren to Kyle Lahna and Brittany Sieler, $153,000.

9241 Jack Hinton Road, Brian and Carol Cecil to Christopher and Jennifer Curtis, $195,000.

3000 Yellowstone Drive East, Coty Payne to Veteran Properties LLC, $86,000.

1399 Gobler Ford Road, Mark and Karen Thielen to Cory and Joy Abel, $275,000.

4500 Barrington Place, Crystal Rainey to Jade Washington, $153,000.

1412 Gilbert Lane, Lora Wimsatt to Christopher and Heather Osborne, $93,500.

6076 Highway 144, Cory and Joy Abel to Gary Boswell, $355,000.

6815 Boston Laffoon Road, William and Mary Moseley to Max Bickett, $140,000.

1246 Castlewood Place, Tiffani Arterberry to Htee and Ma Ngae Soe, $135,000.

2726 Yellowstone Drive East, Terri, Matthew, and Michael Oost to Terry and Jessie Dickens, $75,000.

601 East 22nd Street, Misty Bearden to Connie Mullins, $96,500.

2048 Lydia Drive, Meagan Magnus to John and Lori Ann Steele, $179,900.

3780 Legacy Run, Phyllis Mullen to Mee Reh and Plaw Paw Ler, $134,900.

2605 Landing Terrace, Marie Stewart to Jill and Robert Berry, $159,900.

113 Plum Street, Robert and Nicole Glover to Susan Mutter, $45,000.

6070 Highway 1389, Bobby and Rose Horn to Jeff McLaughlin, $111,100.

3214 Spring Ridge Parkway, Richard and Joan Horwitz to Mike and Angela Hammack, $367,000.

267 Redbud Road, Norval and Dorothy Bowen to Jeffrey and Theresa Mahoney, $59,900.

710 Tamarack Road, Carl Richards and Stephanie Hughes to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $59,500.

4312 Gateway, GoKool Land, LLC to BNNV LLC, $165,000.

4316 Gateway, GoKool Land, LLC to BNNV LLC, $220,000.

4320 Gateway, GoKool Land, LLC to BNNV LLC, $165,000.

2338 Palladio Avenue, Patsy Grooms to Kathy Keller and Jerry Grooms, $95,001.

516 Highway 1207, Stephen McEwen to Herbert and Sharon Miller, $260,000.

4022 Yates Drive, Tyler Gardner to Joshua and Amanda Russell, $137,900.

9966 Collier Road, Ervin and Barbara Burnette to Wesley and Lexie Wathen, $70,000.

5999 Alma Court, Joseph and Tara Moore to Matthew and Megan Coleman, $124,000.

1929 Monarch Avenue, MSL Investments LLC to Brian and Laura Cecil, $25,000.

1632 Daviess Street, Spencer Hayden to Jason Luedke, $104,000.

5642 Old State Road, Mary Booker to James and Christina Booker, $112,000.

216 Dean Court, Jack Wells to Charles and Laura Clark, $235,000.

1901 Sunset Drive, Ruth Ann Roberts to Thomas and Lisa Phillips, $112,000.

4040 Yates Drive, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ohio Valley Properties LLC, $71,500.

2046 Viola Gardens, Leonard and Joan Osmus to Cindy Kinder, $142,000.

4641 Kings Mill Drive, Stephen Hamilton and Pamela Hamilton to Michael Jr. and Lisa Hutchinson, $149,500.

6181 Sutter Loop West, Michael Jr. and Lisa Hutchinson to Mariann Harrison, $77,900.

2622 West 9th Street, Matilda Rouse to Jerry and Virginia Bailey, $30,000.

423 Libson Drive, Vickie Snyder to Bradley and Barbara Black, $62,500.

4013 Yates Drive, David Jr. and Sandy Miles to Patrick Ward, $155,000.

4132 Poplar Log Bridge Road, Charles and Sharon Ward to Noah and Jessica Lanham, $180,000.

2541 Riverrun Cove, Jack Wells to Mitchell and Vicki Sharber, $775,000.

630 Carter Road, Robert and Sue Henderson to B & B Properties Trust, $46,000.

2349 Stone Valley Cove, JR Acquisitions LLC to Sudhaben Patel, $65,000.

Highway 764 (5.63 Acres), Donald and Rita Moorman to Lora Hawkinson and Lawson Ferguson III, $18,000.

1925 Gunston Place, Clint and Natalie Bethel to MC Group LLC, $40,000.

2280 Meadowhill Lane, Carmelo and Barbara Disalvo to Brijeshkumar and Suniti Patel, $265,000.

November 13, 2018 | 5:09 pm

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