Real Estate Transfers: Oct. 22 – Nov. 2, 2018

November 2, 2018 | 9:59 pm

Updated November 19, 2018 | 10:01 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Oct. 22 and Nov. 2:

2347 Red Oak Run, Gary Boswell to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $45,000.

709 Wesleyan Park Drive, Marvin and Dawn Holton to Tli and Tin Twang, $155,000.

6151 Richmond Avenue, Cory Mattingly to Cody and Felicia Morris, $99,500.

10101 Lanham Road, Jonathan Brandle to Anthony and Brandi Kleeman, $184,900.

10130 Highway 405, Jeromie Hendrix to Michael and Brenda Johnson, $42,000.

140 Highway 279 South, Kenneth and Martha Pendleton to Sharon and Steve Kamuf, $120,000.

738 Walnut Park Drive, Dan and Lauren Jackson to Zachary Buckner, Jr. and Chelsea Jackson, $155,000.

1540 Bosley Road, Van Reel Revocable Trust to Virginia Reel, $183,200.

6884 Stevens School Road, John and Elizabeth Mills to William and Jean Ann Mills, $55,000.

4758 Windy Hollow Road, Ohio Valley Properties LLC to Corey and Amber Hamilton, $99,000.

1930 Alexander Avenue, Michael Drewry to Nathan and Aleah Johnson, $24,200.

1309 East 19th Street, Robert Williamson to Michael Drewry, $17,500.

4809 Wembley Way, Mark Gray to Bradley Schroeder, $145,000.

3943 Cross Creek Trail, Todd and Laura Menhennitt to Gene and Sharon Ferrell, $211,000.

3131 Steeplechase, Terry Green Living Trust to John II and Nancy Warren, $215,000.

2235 Wintergreen Loop North, Robert Campbell to Markeith and Brittany Spencer, $165,000.

8990 Crisp Road, Brandon Mattingly to Justin and Kendra Tudor, $88,900.

10041 Walnut Street, David and Peggy Morris to Jonathan Rhodes, $66,750.

913 Booth Avenue, Naimeh Madi to Michael Page, $77,500.

3816 Hawthorne Drive, Edmund and Jacquelyn Woodward to Paul and Judith Thomas, $87,000.

2025 West 9th Street, Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro to Derrick Patterson, $75,625.

4475 Greenacre Drive, Gregory and Denise Richardson to Aaron Buck, $240,000.

1520 Griffith Avenue, Doniphan III and Marla Moore to James and Carolyn Kassinger, $1,200,000.

9593 Highway 144, Mary Howard to Ralph and Catherine Mudd, $14,000.

2613 Strawbridge Place, Cynthia Payne to Beverly and James Pogue, $96,000.

4132 Settlers Point, Mark Howard to Miguel Torres, $125,000.

3559 Legacy Run, Darren and Melissa Childers to Steven and Nina Thompson, $170,000.

2606 Dellwood Valley Lane, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Taran and Kenneth Rager, $225,437.

2214 Venetian Way, Richard and Theresa Stallings to Nathan Stallings, $160,000.

2416 Calvalcade Drive, Todd and Octavia Elliott to Richard and Trena Goetz, $128,500.

8161 Highway 81, Handyville Poultry LLC to Paul and Ginny Layman, $400,000.

720 East 18th Street, James Russell to Joseph Russell, $50,000.

618 Booth Avenue, Jefferson Sorley to Melissa Hardesty, $108,000.

1315 Woodbridge Trail, Ronald Sommerfeldt to Eric and Mary Anne Schmidt, $240,000.

2420 Calvalcade Drive, James and Rosemary Coomes to TJHT Properties LLC, $135,000.

2300 Southeastern Parkway, James Morris to Andrew and Gretchen Buchmeyer, $145,000.

3301 Hummingbird Loop South, Chase Swanson to Michael and Amber Lewis, $105,000.

2300 Deer Valley Boulevard, Daniel and Debbie Phillips to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $311,300.

2007 Griffith Place West, Jon Boultinghouse to Jeffrey Day, $185,000.

3864 Thresher Street, David Clark to Maybell Stallings, $123,500.

1624 Booth Avenue, James and Mary Payne to James and Laura Smiley, $79,900.

1901 Freeman Avenue, Tony and Janice Galloway to TEK Enterprises LLC, $145,000.

5243 Jack Hinton Road, Charles and Janice Martin to Jacob and Emily Roby, $135,000.

1631 Breckenridge Street, Thomas and Mary Lou Blackford to Crossroads, Inc., $194,000.

3225 South Hampton Road, Brittany and Joel Sisco to Steve and Pamela Hamilton, $45,000.

4823 Millers Mill Road, Wayne and Tiffany Williams to Christopher and Susan Aud, $142,000.

417 East 22nd Street, Paul and Ruth Ann Yeckering to Jeff Cecil, $96,000.

2950 McAlister Place, Delbert Henry to Jesus Zuniga, $60,000.

3654 Forward Pass, Property Pros, LLC to Brandon and Whitney Allen, $173,500.

3434 Woodlane Drive, Brandon and Whitney Allen to Taylor Dodson and Courtney Fleener, $200,000.

3325 Old Mill Lane, Rebecca Coomes to Kenton Ambs, $114,900.

2423 Hunt Avenue, Nathan Embry to Karen Brooks, $97,500.

525 Walnut Street, Daniel and Jennifer Baldwin to Blonde Flamingo, LLC, $67,780.

3536 Oaklane Drive, BBC Capital Investments Group, LLC to Matthew Fitzgerald, $158,000.

4212 Hunter Pointe, John and Holly Phillips to Heath and Meredith Allen, $360,000.

6263 Luther Taylor Road, Ronald and Kimberly Hayden to Brian and Carol Cecil, $226,000.

November 2, 2018 | 9:59 pm

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