Real Estate Transfers: Oct. 4 – Oct. 16, 2018

October 16, 2018 | 8:13 pm

Updated November 9, 2018 | 8:21 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Oct. 4 and Oct. 16:

2630 Dellwood Valley Lane, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Joshua and Kristin Stedman, $235,426.

4839 Pleasant Valley Road, Eugene and Mary Hurm to Seth Hall, $5,000.

419 West 9th Street, Thomas Obsorne to HRJ Properties LLC, $47,000.

10081 Highway 485, Nancy Keeton to Andrew and Melissa Morgan, $30,000.

2701 Castlewood Place, John and Misty Cartwright to William Hays, $73,000.

2404 Spencer Drive, Edith Stewart and Georgia Coomes to Addison Miles LLC, $135,000.

2920 Reid Road, Joseph and Tracey Rusher to William and Lisa Hudson, $172,000.

3227 Shadewood Terrace, Jerry and Alice Smith to Lisa Mascenik, $220,000.

3323 Hummingbird Loop South, Christopher and Lauren Payne to William and Barbara Clites, $151,000.

181 Boothfield Road, Aaron and Jacinta Buck to Christopher and Lauren Payne, $295,000.

3809 Thruston Dermont Road, Ryan Quisenberry to Matthew Johnson, $116,000.

823 Parkway Drive, James and Connie Demarest to Samuel Qualls and Amber McFadden, $117,500.

3209 Christie Place, James and Sandra Phillabaum to Chad Day, $67,000.

137 Partridge Loop, Brad Schroeder to Jessie Mattingly, $134,500.

304 Swordfish Drive, Michael and Katie Sowders to Veterans Properties LLC, $147,000.

3928 Cross Creek Trail, Kristen Hall to Nancy Williams, $208,000.

3704 Hawthorne Drive, James Jr. and Susan Jollay to David and Rebecca Reiter, $99,900.

1535 East 20th Street, Cathy Burbidge to Chase N Rainbow LLC, $46,000.

2201 Turnbury Cove, Independence Bank to Susan Jollay, $195,000.

110 West 18th Street, Rita Herzog to Taylor Wilson and James Herzog, $110,000.

6496 Masonville Habit Road, Timothy and Jinnifer Ward to John and Sharon Cosco, $125,000.

1638 JR Miller Boulevard, Ada James to Gerado Condado and Beatriz Hernandez, $25,000.

708 Canterbury Road, Jeremy Shepherd to Nathanael and Audrey Sparks, $145,000.

6860 Highway 231, William Litsey and Virginia Q Trust to Rochelle and Mokii Bose, $155,000.

3000 Trails Way, Edward Neeley to Zachary and Haleigh Woodward, $182,000.

2816 Veach Road, Shelby and Mary Ann Thompson to Benjamin and Brittany Thompson, $45,000.

5950 Little Hickory Road, Onemain Financial Services Inc. to Julie and Michael Dean, $104,000.

5440 Medley Road, Vicki Helms to Dean and Judith Kelly, $356,000.

736 Alexandria, Betsy Griffith to Sarah Emberger, $429,500.

2447 Sullivan Court, Chris Early to Chelsea Stiff, $117,000.

812 Bolivar Street, Charlene Duke to Shelley Daugherty, $32,800.

6961 Highway 405, Jacob and Jessica Gerteisen to Robert and Ann Stuart, $201,369.

9350 Old Hartford Road, Robert and Kathy Welch to Wayne and Jill Hughes, $165,000.

2242 Hoop Junior Court, Max Boswell to Jeremy Johnson, $149,900.

300 East 5th Street, Kevin Brown and Duane Brown to Alexander Conn, $54,500.

4651 Pleasant Grove Road, Thomas Jr. and Jennifer Brown to Vandell and Shirley Brown, $228,000.

2215 Emerald Court, Shannon and Brian Newman to James and Ashley McCarty, $161,000.

1481 Graves Lane, Kelsi and John Swope to Ryan Fireline, $107,000.

2614 Concord Terrace, Raina Means to Alexis and Dane Johnston, $138,000.

2317 Stratford Drive South, Warren and Gayle Haviland to Deborah Fleming, $224,900.

7950 Highway 405, Howard and Debra Mahoney to Eric and William Clark and Nancy Hagan, $122,000.

758 Berwyn Avenue, Connie Carlisle to Candice Vanover, $103,000.

1958 Meadow Grove Drive, Steven and Kelsey Higgs to Christopher and Karen Early, $206,000.

563 Camden Circle, Woolard Rentals LLC to John and Catherine Knight, $170,000.

3825 Kipling Drive, Mark Payne to Neil and Ashley Ivy, $110,000.

2312 Fieldstone Court, Jordan Kirkendoll to Dillon Investment Properties LLC, $175,000.

4005 Vincent Station Drive, Larry and Linda Phillips to Murphy Investments LLC, $340,000.

1748 East 26th Street, Patricia Allen to Larry Jr. and Cheryl Stinnett, $64,000.

2007 Trillium Gardens, Ken and Kimberly Patterson to Janice Davis, $132,000.

3820 McIntire Crossing, Stephen and Misty Bratcher to Dexter Bratcher and Connie Carlisle, $134,750.

October 16, 2018 | 8:13 pm

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