Real Estate Transfers: Sept. 17 – Sept. 27, 2018

October 1, 2018 | 9:13 am

Updated November 9, 2018 | 8:21 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Sept. 17 and Sept. 27:

1224 Sweeney Street, Harold English to Greenwell Chisholm Printing Co, $10,000.

1509 East 26th Street, Leonard and Sandra Renfrow to Grace Reformed Baptist Church Inc., $83,359.

3814 Buckland Square, Ronnie Hensley II to Eh Soe and Tha Paw Hay, $124,500.

3155 Adams Court, Charles Means to L. Steve Castlen Rentals LLC, $120,000.

2330 Heritage Park Drive, Harrell and Janice Felty to Thwa Meh, $156,900.

7229 Knottsville Mount Zion Road, Ann Moredock to Allan and Shannon Harl, $124,500.

802 Devonshire Drive, James Payne to Robert Dillon, $134,500.

108 East 7th Street, R N A Rental Hosplex LLC to Property 92 LLC, $22,000.

9330 Johnson Road, Tim and Misty Peay to Sean and Coty Vance, $232,500.

2737 Daviess Street, Joshua and Daniela Houk to Stephen Hodges and Amanda Turner, $99,900.

2423 Saint Ann Street, Michael and Tara White to Lexie and Travis Owsley, $120,000.

1728 Hughes Avenue, David Kyle to Mills Haze Property Management Co LLC, $20,500.

4106 Rudy Martin Drive, Golden Ventures Inc. to Larry and Patricia Murphy Trust, $47,000.

1701 Fawn Drive, Bonnie Fitzpatrick to Terry and Lenaye Richards, $180,000.

712 Jackson Street, Betty Sowders to Donald Brown, $1,100.

1135 West 9th Street, Spiritual Sanctuary Church to Donald Brown, $1,300.

523 Sycamore Street, Louis Epison to Donald Brown, $1,100.

1109 East 6th Street, Joshua Hendley to Mark and Lee Ann Catron, $82,000.

16 Plum Street, Thurman Dant Life Estate to Kathryn O’Connor, $40,000.

2626 Sunrise Drive, Margie Ruby to Mindy Young, $90,000.

10644 Main Cross Street, Henry and Mary Joe Higdon to Becki Coomes, $141,000.

2011 Littlewood Drive, Meredith Mullican to Kenneth and Angela Woosley, $239,000.

922 Triplett Street, Friends First Federal to Aubrey Beatty, $40,000.

3131 Oakridge Court, Robert and Elizabeth Tincher to Scott and Gina Alder, $430,000.

5144 Haycraft Road, David and Wallace Cook to James and Connie Demarest, $70,000.

3536 Oaklane Drive, Dennis and Charlotte Hammen to BBC Capital Investments Group LLC, $140,000.

3600 Forward Pass, Keith and Sherri Lambrich to Robert and Belinda Alvey, $165,000.

7136 Masonville Habit Road, Dean Carpenter to Christopher Shown, $115,000.

6381 Autumn Valley Trace, Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC to Joseph and Sara Payne, $158,000.

2101 Woodland Drive, Elizabeth Risinger to Tamara Lively, $170,000.

4307 Peppermill Court, Danny and Mary Hocker to Bonnie Bivens, $172,500.

105 Partridge Loop, Michael Shepherd to Allison Plemmons, $99,900.

3195 Bridgewater Cove, R D Maddox to Equity Trade and Relocation Co., $83,000.

2544 Palomino Place, Brittany Wilson to Tiara and Justin Taylor, $165,500.

1130 Wayside Drive West, Rachel Brown to Antonio Arce, $87,000.

2130 Breckenridge Street, Brandon Blade to Brian Burch and Samantha Thornton, $86,000.

1611 Antler Avenue, Charles and Barbara Moseley to Stephen and Nancy Harvilla, $229,500.

1784 Sanctuary, Amy Mattingly to Doug and Crystal Payne, $30,000.

5282 West 5th Street Road, William Bruner to William and Louis Kuegel, $120,500.

4556 Condor Place, Mary Roberts to Charles and Jamie Mills, $191,900.

5501 Woodcrest Lane, Paul and Rose Clark to Ben and Erin Mischke, $345,000.

2538 Saint Ann Street, Robert Taylor to Mark and Lee Ann Catron, $112,000.

5452 Frederica Street, Susan Sheean to Joseph Schell, $7,000.

1905 Meadow Grass Creek, Nicholas Shelton to Dariush Shafa, $149,900.

1492 Wrights Landing Road, Billy and Dorothy Tice to Daniel Payne and Elizabeth Rhodes, $142,500.

5840 Old Highway 54, Terry and Mary Pollock to Richard and Abbey Freels, $75,000.

October 1, 2018 | 9:13 am

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