Real Estate Transfers: Sept. 25 – Oct. 4, 2018

October 7, 2018 | 10:42 am

Updated November 9, 2018 | 8:21 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Sept. 25 and Oct. 4:

324 St Claire Drive, Gerald and Michelle Goetz to Steven and Haley Roby, $313,500.

9956 Highway 81, Michael and Franklin Baughn to Jonathon and Holly Hays, $140,000.

1743 Sterling Valley Drive, Nicole Hawkins to Jon and Samantha Sivoravong, $262,500.

4830 Cambridge Drive, Jackson and Ashley Rickard to Jaywest Investments LLC, $90,000.

6449 Thorn Ridge Crossing, Woodland Ridge Development Inc. to Mary Trunnell, $33,900.

3146 Spring Ridge Parkway, Byoung and Gayeong Lee to Wanda Peralta, $420,000.

417 Locust Court, Linda Ashby to Neil Johnston, $142,000.

1505 Creek Haven Loop, Christopher and Kellyann Anderson to Randal and Alexandria King, $325,500.

2624 New Hartford Road, Sonrise Chapel LLC to ToastandJ, $312,000.

1721 Windsor Avenue, William Drury to Kara Drury, $179,000.

11136 Highway 764, Gerald and Marie Kelly to Heath and Donna Conder, $195,500.

2623 Holland Drive, Joseph and Debra Hagan to Cheryl Wade, $244,900.

1907 Mount Vernon Drive, Loudermilk M A LLC to Michael and Haley Jones, $70,000.

3818 Greenfield Lane, Lord Susanne to Ronald Mattingly, $146,000.

715 Chuck Gray Court, Katherine Keller to Jacob Tanner, $73,000.

1585 Creek Haven Loop, Robert and Susan Godtharb to John Thomas, $250,000.

1025 Worthington Road, Glenn and Lisa Daugherty to Tyler and Holly Gardner, $221,000.

4256 Ryeland Point, Jared and Charley Spurrier to Ronnie and Janice Seaton, $126,000.

2557 Arbor Terrace, Kimberly Boling to Dale Dent, $120,000.

10000 Main Street, Dolo LLC to Nilkanthkrupa LLC, $425,000.

1002 Piedmont Drive, Teresa Eason to William Stafford, $105,000.

10699 Highway 764, Ray and Jenny Jones to Keith and Susan Polsten, $139,900.

4011 Reliant Circle, Zachary Putnam to Phillip and Jennifer Aubrey, $159,900.

3848 Griffith Avenue South, Jeffrey and Jennifer Tinius to Richard and Tangela Head, $187,000.

6200 Highway 54, Thomas and Ashley Ferguson to Warren and Karen Young, $120,000.

6357 Masonville Habit Road, James and Kimberly Burris to James and Glenda Wedding, $245,000.

3136 Allen Street, Ernest and Julie Salisbury to Jason Terry, $92,000.

4700 Philpot Heights, Jeffrey Burchfield to Jesse and Jordan Howard, $110,00.

3833 Garden Terrace, Tony and Victoria McNeely to John and Dawn Tignor, $216,000.

9025 Sacra Drive, Marvin and Jennifer Ward to Jessie and Joy Burden, $72,500.

4104 Mayflower Drive, K S B LLC to George and Teresa Eason, $239,900.

611 Greenbriar Street, Terri, Matthew, and Michael Oost to Nicholas Pavlas, $49,100.

3420 Old Hartford Road, Steve and Janella Fulkerson to King Laundry LLC, $245,000.

4233 Hawthorne Drive, Jack and Lydie Boone to Rita Herzog, $112,000.

411 Geary Court, Happy Ours Real Estate LLC to Benard and Cindy Newby, $71,000.

718 Leitchfield Road, Larry and Tabatha Carman to Eric and Cassie Howe, $22,500.

3737 Frederica Street, Ronald and Connie Jarboe to Darrell and Merry Hale, $145,000.

3130 Daviess Street, Sharon Epley to Morgan Carrico, $84,900.

3803 Meadowbrook Court, Nicholas and Alicia Burke to Wayne and Susan Payne, $294,400.

4113 Mason Woods Lane, Thelma Newman to Susan Godthaab, $239,900.

312 Stockton Drive, Shaun Owens to James and Lisa Edge, $72,471.

1004 West 5th Street, Samuel T. and Samuel D. Byrd to John Smith, $8,000.

3200 Placid Place, W Z R Rentals LLC to Rachel Brown, $110,000.

3034 Creek Branch Cove, Charles and Rebecca Glenn to Woodlands 101 LLC, $249,900.

1601 Walnut Street, Jeanne Aldworth to Elizabeth Smith, $138,500.

1629 Navajo Drive, Timothy Wimsatt to Samuel Wyatt, $134,900.

5442 Diane Avenue, Tonya Frantz to David Cook, $56,000.

2904 Wesleyan Park Drive, Shelby Huffman to Stacey Huffman, $142,000.

2823 South Hampton Road, Charles and Angela Dawson to Chad and Crystal Heady, $40,000.

October 7, 2018 | 10:42 am

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