Real Estate Transfers: May 22, 2019

May 27, 2019 | 11:49 pm

Updated May 27, 2019 | 11:49 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between May 15 and May 22:


4159 Stafford Court, Jarrod and Amy Kemper to Larry Hagan, $288,000.

407 Locust Court, Cortney Basham to Jennifer Stevens, $118,500.

5048 Diamond Drive, Rick Lazarou to Carol Hurst, $172,500.

10 Quail Ridge Court C, Donald and Jerri Sandifer to Kim Pavlik, $90,000.

3908 Bordeaux Loop South, Charles and Wanda Steinmetz to Ernest Coons III, $133,000.

6417 Thorn Ridge Crossing, Woodland Ridge Development Inc. to Hill Custom Homes Inc., $28,900.

718 East 20th Street, Sarah Salee to Jaclyn Snyder, $129,000.

5 Quail Ridge Court C, Julia Price, Paul Price, Mark Price, and Byron Price to Haydon Humphreys, $87,900.

7418 Saur Road, Equity Trade and Relocation Company to Sun Windows Inc., $159,000.

4348 Yewells Landing West, Harold and Carol Bivens to Chad Graves, $160,000.

4108 Settlers Point, Chad Graves to Carrico Congleton Property LLC, $85,000.

4404 Fairbairn Court, Anthony Maddox Real Estate LLC to Brian and Amanda Roberts, $208,000.

4047 Hayden Road, Mark Hill to Legacy Contracting of Kentucky LLC, $134,900.

1201 Hickory Lane, Crystal Patterson to Jarrod and Amy Kemper, $385,000.

5521 Graham Lane, Brandon and Samantha Coomes to Brittney Metts, $170,000.

3256 Spring Ridge Parkway, Gilbert Luceno and Christel Miranda to Jonathan and Hannah Blandford, $325,000.

2130 Meadowhill Lane, Kyle and Emily Roberts to Gary and Samantha Blake, $193,000.

3930 Fogle Drive, R D S Property Services LLC to Rebecca and Charles Sivley, $119,000.

3603 Dove Loop North, William Hennes Jr. Estate to Jeffrey and Amanda Blythe, $85,500.

814 Glenn Court, John and Mary Crowe to Ashley and Bradley Laslie, $87,600.

8100 Highway 144, Mills Hazel Property Management Co. to Brandon and Allison Haynes, $44,500.

1516 Pearl Street, R A K Properties LLC to Treychip Enterprises LLC, $40,000.

4114 Mayflower Drive, K S B LLC to Chelsea Vandiver, $259,900.

911 East 20th Street, Equity Partners LLC to Michael and Deborah Hancock, $105,000.

3218 Ridgewood Street, Garrett Jr. and Kimberly Humphrey to Vincent Renfrow, $74,500.

925 Cottage Drive, Sarah Hall to Tiffany Henning, $109,900.

2963 Summer Point Court, Grant and Hillary Barnett to Rachel Griffith, $174,000.

827 Parkway Drive South, Scott and Sonya Clark to Ryan and Taylor Brewer, $134,000.

4725 Boxwood Drive, Scott Bidwell to Mark and Connie Strotman, $157,900.

1901 Freeman Avenue, T E K Enterprises LLC to William and Cortney Higdon, $249,900.

5409 Sturgeon Avenue, Crystal Ambs to Kandice and Robert Gray, $109,000.

2202 Summer Walk, Arthur and Debra Harreld to Dana Little, $149,200.

7 Quail Ridge Court B, Jessica Howard to Kelly Moore, $107,000.

4024 Carpenter Drive, Jeffrey and Reba Crump to William and Keri Brookings, $75,000.

815 Delray Street, JD & DD Properties LLC to Nicholas Pavlas, $40,000.

2139 Griffith Avenue, Alice Anderson to Paul Tomes, $124,700.

3903 Vincent Station Drive, Larry Roberts II to Rent Investments LLC, $475,000.



May 27, 2019 | 11:49 pm

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