Real Estate Transfers: June 3, 2019

June 10, 2019 | 9:42 am

Updated June 10, 2019 | 9:42 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between May 22 and June 3:


2222 Stratford Drive North, Sheila Stein to Justin Meers, $179,900.

2053 Marksberry Road West, Steven Goode to Adam and Linda Burden, $18,000.

3 Quail Ridge Court D, Larry Cooper to Sheila Stein, $84,000.

5495 Willow Brook Loop, Jagoe Homes Inc. to Cole and Krista Tischer, $267,000.

5683 Woodcrest Lane, Randy and Linda Davis to Darren and Mary Catherine Patty, $279,900.

1415 Walnut Street, Haley London to John London, $95,000.

2271 Deer Valley Boulevard, Travis and Missy Holtrey to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $377,500.

4822 Winkler Road, J A R Moore to Eric Dukes, $16,000.

2237 Middleground Drive, Kerry and Marilyn Nottingham to David and Dorris Clark, $204,900.

1700 Lock Avenue, Ruth and William Phillips to James Calhoun, $56,000.

524 Birkhead Avenue, Carol Jones to Nathan Riley, $59,900.

2873 Brooks Parkway, Dorris and David Clark to Blake and Katelyn Dickens, $249,900.

1912 Westview Drive, James and Josephine Poteat to Anthony and Cambron Sook, $109,900.

3937 Brentwood Drive, Charles Evans to Kenneth and Taylor Patterson, $147,900.

8029 Highway 405, Stephen and Susan Rhodes to William and Holly McIntyre, $270,000.

1445 Oakwood Court, Jeffrey and Sherri Pate to Neil and Tabitha Mehringer, $147,000.

2101 Northwood Drive, Matthew Purcell to Jameson and Jessica Willcockson, $300,000.

198 Mahan Road, Gary and Elaine Strain to Jeremy Henderson, $248,000.

5851 Macedonia Road, Daniel French to Justice Sparks, $100,000.

2620 Greenbriar Road, Adam and Linda Burden to Susan DeWald, $364,000.

1822 McCreary Avenue, Michael and Stacy Brandau to Philip and Kelly Purdom, $464,630.

905 Hickman Avenue, Mark and Kathy Tong to Roman Catholic Bishop of Owensboro Kentucky, $80,000.

4224 Settlers Point, A S N Investments LLC to Kacie and Derek Hamilton, $133,500.

1633 Payne Avenue, J P Morgan Chase NA to Treeview Properties LLC, $18,300.

256 Resolution Way, Richard and Judy Brown to Darian and Tara Boling, $255,000.

918 Hermitage Drive, Aaron and Colorey Kizer to Joseph and Haley Berry, $275,000.

2018 Airport Road, Christopher and Jamie Carrico to Daniel and Jamie Conrad, $219,000.

5273 Highway 60 West, Richard and Marilyn Booth to John Neely and Mary Ellen Hayden, $220,000.

2808 Griffith Avenue South, Kerry Daugherty to Penny Mullins, $212,000.

5516 Mulberry Place, Jagoe Homes Inc. to John III and Emily Mays, $252,000.

16 Stone Creek Park, 16 Stone Creek LLC to Glenn and Mary Higdon, $2,200,000.

672 Greenbriar Street, Susan Bowman to Rae Estes, $125,000.

657 Carter Road, M W K Properties LLC to Tiffany Miller, $97,000.

1228 Saint Ann Street, John Neely and Mary Ellen Hayden to Vivian Matheny and Brooke Morris, $180,000.

1809 Frederica Street, J L and Joyce Leach to W Z R Rentals LLC, $107,000.

1909 Keenland Parkway, Hector Santos to Mayra Urrutia, $25,000.

109 Gilmour Court, Sheri Payne et al to Aloda Billings, $44,900.

3130 Lewis Lane, Damon and Shelley Renfrow to Suan Thang and Bawi Iang, $159,900.

1813 Frederica Street, Clara Evans Testamentary Trust to W Z R Rentals, $115,000.

1654 Linden Avenue, Robert and Deanna Leesman to Rusty Davis, $151,500.

2605 Wisteria Gardens, Jason McNeily to Kristopher and Kelsey Wolfe, $98,000.

5532 Dee Acres Drive, Nicholas Burns to Tabitha Conley, $87,500.

2008 Hall Street, Ray Worthington and Lauren Worthington to Lilia Perez, $17,000.

2625 Wisteria Gardens, Laura Hutchinson to Derek Logsdon, $129,500.

3941 Hawthorne Drive, Telitha McLimore to Steven and Kylah Clark, $146,300.

265t Resolution Way, Ashley Crafton to Albert Jr. and Elizabeth Reynolds, $215,000.

9010 Sacra Drive, Laretta Bullock and Gary Rice and Byron Rice to Linda Payne, $125,000.

3412 East 6th Street, Willard and Judy Peveler to John and Deanna Payne, $132,500.

2226 Summer Walk, Linda Payne to Sharon Hudson, $160,000.

2526 Griffith Avenue, Edgar and Wilma Willoughby to James and Cynthia Hamilton, $125,000.

5810 Graham Lane, Ronald Jr. and Kristy Baggarley to Brian and Vanessa Boarman, $189,400.

821 Parkway Drive South, Darrell Stallings to Soe and Luiah Chan, $155,000.

3415 Surrey Drive East, Richard and Billie Dorris to Jeremy Guthrie, $120,000.

6430 Summit Drive, Derror and Jane Head to Dmitry Uskov and Irina Krivtsova, $202,900.

6452 Autumn Valley Trace, Phillip Tomlin and Caroline Nance to Roy and Lauren Norman, $179,500.

2490 Krauss Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $38,500.

2348 Monroe Avenue, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $34,500.

2367 Ottawa Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc., $29,950.

5036 Curdsville Delaware Road, James Hamilton and Cynthia Cyzick to Seth Schadler, $200,900.

2717 Allen Street, Helga Kohler to Eleanora Byrne, $87,000.

5532 Sargent Drive, Brandon Fitzgerald to Austin Powers, $114,900.

2905 Old Hartford Road, Derrick Arthur to Kenneth and Cherrell Jacobsen, $173,000.

2165 Stratford Drive South, Regina Lewis to Debra Miller, $162,000.

2632 Heartland Greens Pointe, Charles and April Miller to Robbie and Ronnie Remole, $195,000.

3114 Brent Gray Trace, Dan and Janet Morgan to Ronald Jr. and Kristy Baggarley, $235,000.

10323 Walnut Street, Shelbi November et al to Patrick Williams, $65,000.

2545 Keller Road, Stephen Barr to Justin and Chelsea Todd, $168,000.

3943 Reliant Circle, Haley Riney to Jordan Warren and Gwendolyn Anderson, $160,000.

3301 Majestic Prince Drive, Bonnie Brown to Michael and Peggy Brown, $30,000.

7241 Highway 81, Walter Jr. and Mae Long to Byron and Diane Lane, $30,000.

5535 Goldenrod Lane, Ethan and Danielle Board to Gail Bieker and Michael Uther and Briana Bieker, $188,000.

2215 Southeastern Parkway, James and Shirley Hicks to Robert and Amanda Turney, $152,000.

6335 Foster Road, Joseph Sr. and Malvine Ulber to Wayne Foster, $184,500.

9235 Stanley Birk City Road, Cindy and Samuel Murphy to Jason Simpson, $20,000.

6417 Thorn Ridge Crossing, Hill Custom Homes Inc. to Terri Flaherty, $252,400.


June 10, 2019 | 9:42 am

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