Real Estate Transfers: July 19, 2019

July 22, 2019

The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 10 and July 19:


4100 Horseshoe Trace, Stephen and Valarie Rittmeyer to Sharon and Robert Corley, $259,900.


3816 Mark Twain Court, Linda M. Duke Life Estate to Keron Sampson, $127,000.

3064 Stirrup Loop, Edward Miller to Stephen and Valarie Rittmeyer, $140,000.

819 West 13th Street, Roger and Janet Crabtree to Matthew and Kaci McGlothis, $54,205.

2384 Ottawa Drive, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to A Squared Rentals LLC, $29,500.

516 Camden Circle, Justin Hawkins to Billie May, $182,000.

2212 Black Oak Drive, Chad and Heather Gray to Lars and Amanda King, $37,000.

3301 Highway 554, Robert Glenn to Austin Glenn, $573,372.

1027 Michaels Court, Jerry and Sharon Taylor to Thomas and Elizabeth Carroll, $240,000.

2734 South Hampton Road, Paul and Rose Bender to Bradley and Mary Carrico, $150,000.

10775 Old Leitchfield Road, Nicholas and Ashley Fulkerson to Timothy and Sherry Aud, $80,600.

6450 Circle Drive, Donald and Karen Nelson to Christopher and Angela Muffett, $115,000.

1420 Benton Avenue, Patrick and Rebecca O’Bryan to Francis and Janet Johnson, $60,000.

11144 Highway 662, Karen Fireline to Lisa Sigar, $127,400.

4617 Arborgate Drive, Michael and Vickie Little to John and Lauren Edge, $323,200.

261 Redbud Road, Arlan and Joann Helton to Joshua and Hilary Patterson, $145,000.

3508 Plaudit Place, Emogene B. Crowe Life Estate to Carroll and Bonita Quisenberry, $136,500.

6256 Brookstone Place, Christopher Elwell and Kathryn Holzheimer to Daniel and Stephanie Dowell, $170,750.

3611 Dove Loop South, Melissa Drake to Gary and Loretta Duncan, $118,000.

1513 Tamarack Road, Daniel and Janis Blandford to Margie and John Alexander, $189,000.

3022 Cravens Avenue, Charles and Emogene Geary to Nicholas Pavlas, $42,500.

5463 Ditto Road, Marsha Chapman and James Chapman to Austin Priest and Robert Priest, $110,000.

2215 Emerald Court, James and Ashley McCarty to Mallory Hays and Ryan Worthington, $179,500.

2930 Chippewa Drive, Tanya Conkright to Charles McFarland and Whitney Galloway, $118,000.

3915 Shryock Avenue, James Craig to Michael and Kimberly Philp, $100,000.

6609 Spring Haven Trace, Joseph and Stacy Chaffin to Adam and Stephanie Miller, $300,000.

2610 Cloverdale Drive East, Bernice Maglinger to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $56,600.

1524 Kent Place, Ann Tanner to David and Lindsey Roberts, $173,000.

3714 Legacy Run, Merry Canary to Maw and Khin Doo, $152,900.

5611 Jones Road, Ann and Clarence Goodwin to Thomas and Samantha Jackson, $136,400.

1849 Chesterfield Drive, Gertrude Pagan to Lanita and Ronald Robertson, $60,000.

119 Stockton Drive, Gertrude Pagan to Logan Atherton and Linzy Sauer, $134,900.

4115 Buckland Square, Hawes and Carolina Glover to Matthew and Melissa Dunn, $142,000.

2132 Village Pointe Court, Richard and Stacy Waltrip to Ryan Engineer and Durand Engineer, $131,000.

1422 Oakwood Court, Scott Baird, Jr. and Brandon Standiford to Hawes and Carolina Glover, $210,000.

1401 Washington Avenue, Muriel Jarvis to David and Kathy Pruden, $27,000.

3403 Chickasaw Drive, Patti Riethmaier and Brett Davis to Taylor Harper, $150,000.

1813 Hall Street, Marilyn Hamilton Revocable Trust to Calvin and Linda Howe, $30,000.

180 Murphy Road, Richard Horn to Jason and Barbara McPherson, $82,500.






July 22, 2019

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