Real Estate Transfers: July 23, 2019

July 29, 2019

The following real estate transfers were recorded between July 19 and July 23:


2924 Yosemite Drive, Anthony and Leah Vaughan to Erick Wettstain, $110,000.


5124 Diamond Drive, K S B LLC to Madeline Bishop and John Holley, $219,000.

3190 Pleasant Valley Road, Kevin and Madeline Johnston to Francis and Darleen Zelinka, $146,900.

414 Newbury Court, Kimberly Brumley to Ray and Jenny Jones and MSL Investments LLC, $125,000.

4102 Mason Woods Lane, Paul and Lois Rullman to P G B Investments LLC, $158,000.

672 Stableford Circle, Tim Waninger to Arthur and Carol Wolken, $277,000.

657 Danberry Street, John Survant to K & D Developments LLC, $62,658.

4836 Grandview Drive, Erick Wettstain to Jamie Berry, $77,000.

1100 Hill Avenue, Gerald Price to Aaron Pierce, $150,000.

6541 Autumn Creek, William Johnson and Ashley Sides to Janice Benton Trust, $235,000.

3040 Avenue of the Parks, James McCormick to Shonna and Phillip Galloway, $161,000.

3594 Calumet Trace, Nana and Jason Higdon to Darrell and Mary Stallings, $235,000.

3728 Sand Rock Trail, Scott and Beth Eckstein to Nana and Jason Higdon, $349,900.

2006 Asbury Place, Joseph and Sarah Stelmach to Pho and Paw Chit, $116,900.

2819 Summer Pointe Court, Lawrence Payne to Gary and Megan Bevil, $218,200.

9312 Jewell Road, Ross and Jillian Newton to Ethan and Katie Blandford, $150,000.

1430 Haynes Avenue, Alicia Stewart and Jesse Stewart to David and Cynthia Sublett, $20,600.

2708 Wesleyan Park Drive, George and Linda Young to Tial and Bawi Thang, $155,000.

349 Booth Avenue, Ashley Harbison to Jordan Conder, $99,000.

1925 Gunston Place, M C Group LLC to Rusty Hodges, $126,500.

2814 Flamingo Avenue, Preston Nunmaker to Brian Jr. and Misty Byers, $99,900.

3303 Oriole Court, Britney and Derek Fulkerson to Kya and Pu Khe, $159,900.

3147 Bridgewater Cove, Lee and Jessica Martin to Raymond Kolhagen, $450,000.

4007 Court Dijon, Randall and Kimberly Pless to Vann Bracewell, $177,000.

1400 Benton Avenue, Shelly Sanford to Amber Osborne, $110,000.

405 Booth Avenue, Matthew and Kathryn Curry to Emily Ferguson, $95,000.






July 29, 2019

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