Real Estate Transfers: Dec. 23, 2020

January 4, 2021 | 8:43 am

Updated January 4, 2021 | 8:43 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Dec. 16 to Dec. 23:

2600 Sir Barton Court, Burton and Amy Kempton to Herbert and Peggy Canary, $160,000.

3221 Christie Place, Marjorie Whitney to Jenny Jones Revocable Trust, $100,000.


12.8 Acres on Highway 762, Douglas and Cynthia Stearns to James and Brenda Logsdon, $90,000.

1723 Burdette Court, William and Anna Watkins to Patrick Gelarden, $74,900.

1316 Frederica Street, Amy Wilkey to Bell Perkins LLC, $300,000.

2336 Trails Lake Garden, Baylee Long to Premier Property Management LLC, $190,000.

2293 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Henry O’Bryan III, $189,884.

1824 Sunset Drive, Gary Luttrell to Caitlyn Lawson, $120,000.

3721 Arlington Drive, Gregory Taylor to Mitchell and Sheridan Jones, $111,000.

4956 Diamond Drive, Jeffrey and Jamie Durham to Kerrie Gatton, $193,000.

520 Jed Place, Sangam Investments LLC to Heather Baker and Seth Ross, $84,900.

108 Acres on Highway 56, Maple Ridge Farms LLC to Phillip and Tammy Murphy, $756,000.

9963 Highway 764, James and Amelia Evans to Jimmy Evans, $207,000.

5314 Ashland Avenue, Joseph and Clara Estes to Christy Sumner Investments LLC, $100,000.

4319 Loft Cove, Hugh, Jr. and Sandra Edds to Joseph House, $75,000.

2132 Tamarack Road, Bernice Bertke to Carey Bertke, $270,000.

1709 East 24th Street, Leanne Musick to TG Holdings LLC, $80,000.

12472 Highway 1513, Daniel and Candice Ballard to Jeffrey, Jr. and Amanda Likens, $144,900.

6300 Highway 144, Colton and Kourtney Daniels to Karissa and Donald Costello, $305,000.

3529 Daviess Street, Joseph House, Jr. to Matt and Devan Logeman, $108,000.

2112 Carpenter Drive, James and Mary Katherine Kirk to Brittany and Jason Phipps, $147,700.

2501 Veach Road, Hollis Hendley to Andre and Rachel Douglas, $129,900.

7289 Masonville Habit Road, Denny and Kristie Stewart to John and Carey Turner, $525,000.

3714 Briarcliff Trace, Janet and Grant Forrest to Barry and Stacy Bratcher, $595,000.

7333 Masonville Habit Road, Denny and Kristie Stewart to John and Carey Turner, $525,000.

4249 Lake Forest Drive, William and Jennifer Conley to Thomas and Shari Tapp, $650,000.

4236 Settlers Point, Nicholas Volk to Jeff and April Brooks, $169,900.

4033 Pinta Drive, Massie Clarke Development Co. to Amanda Worthington, $38,000.

1233 Gobler Ford Road, Lindsey Boone to Justin Krampe, $106,000.

4531 Lake Forest Drive, Thomas and Shari Tapp to William and Jennifer Conley, $520,000.

1811 McCulloch Avenue, Vince Haynes to Crystal Hill, $5,000.

808 Parkway Drive South, Jack O’Sullivan to Advantage Home Services LLC, $136,000.

322 Castlen Street, Blonde Flamingo LLC to Scott and Lisa Gammenthaler, $124,500.

326 Castlen Street, Blonde Flamingo LLC to Scott and Lisa Gammenthaler, $124,500.

1601 West 4th Street, Blonde Flamingo LLC to Scott and Lisa Gammenthaler, $124,500.

523 Worthington Road, Josh and Kirsten Gilmore to Fred and Eve Baker, $280,000.

618 East 23rd Street, Mack Pryor, Jr. to Melody Rafferty, $74,500.

1810 Cecilia Court, Joni Flaherty to Kasey and Jason Dillow, $191,000.

36.68 Acres on Highway 951, Ione Miller to Samuel and Robert Cecil and Janet Cecil, $106,950.

408 St. Clarie Drive, John and Carey Turner to John and Cathy Switzer, $360,000.

1311 Upper Trace, Greenwell Chisholm Printing Co. to Carl and Maureen Greenwell, $157,500.

6429 Spring Haven Trace, Mark and Karen Norton to Aaron and Ashley Ballou, $320,000.

940 Piedmont Drive, Jerry and Cindy Hudson to Matthew Hudson, $78,500.

January 4, 2021 | 8:43 am

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