Real Estate Transfers: Feb. 15, 2021

February 23, 2021 | 10:14 am

Updated February 23, 2021 | 10:14 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Feb. 5 and Feb. 15:

3355 London Pike, Enid Roach to Kelly Embry, $220,000.

2624 Rush Trail, Brain Greer to Pat May, $206,500.


6 Acres on Reid Road, Lavetta II and Sabrina Baker to Matt Hoffman, $112,000.

2941 Waterside Way, Larry Roberts II to William and Ashton Fares, $329,900.

5058 Back Square Drive, Park Regency Senior Services LLC to Park Regency Owner LLC, $4,750,000.

5445 Willow Brook Loop, Carroll and Mary McGehee to Hank and Stormy Sowders, $268,000.

3702 Marycrest Drive, Thomas Blackford to Christopher and Kasey Goddard, $187,000.

3022 Daviess Street, Tad Hatfield to Poonam Gollen, $85,000.

2324 North Stratford Drive, Christopher Goddard to Thomas Blackford, $179,000.

6218 Main Street, John Pike to Ricardo Razo, $35,000.

4520 Lake Forest Drive, Garrett and Jennifer Keller to Xing LIn, $383,000.

4620 Rome Parkway, Hand Sowders to Kliricia Loc and Adam Mullican, $164,900.

4307 Hawthorne Drive, Ann Payne to Brandon Fischer, $72,000.

2942 Christie Place, Dorothy Dickinson Revocable Trust to William Hamric, $96,000.

5314 Ashland Avenue, Christy Sumner Investments LLC to Patrick Cecil, $127,000.

2407 Mayfair Avenue, Kendall Moore to Ashlyn Higgens, $235,000.

3164 Alvey Park Drive East, Vicki Frey to Booker Property Management LLC, $825,000.

2260 Flowerette Court, Nicole Messer to Ray and Jenny Jones, $140,000.

4560 Lake Forest Drive, William Heisler to Hunter Jagoe and Kendall Moore, $377,664.

1812 Sunset Drive, Samuel and Melissa Bach to Kevin Fogle, $120,000.

2125 Carriage Drive, Kristina McCarty to Brigitta and Danny Adkins, $134,900.

4470 Highway 554, Matthew Bartlett to Gerald and Debra Sims, $130,000.

403 Eastwood Drive, Tonya and Charles Hall to Hunter Ramming LLC, $95,000.

3080 Steeplechase Drive, Jamie Scheffer and Joel Scheffer to Ethan and Danielle Board, $239,900.

111 East 23rd Street, Nikolas Smith to James and Mary Kirk, $165,900.

1633 Payne Avenue, Treeview Properties LLC to Mickey Bowman, $25,000.

101 Legion Boulevard West, George and Lisa Ballard to Another Coppage Rentals LLC, $80,000.

4515 Stony River Cove, Laura Conley to Amy Nix, $185,900.

1724 Navajo Drive, Jerold McDonald II to Sarah Lawrence, $129,900.

February 23, 2021 | 10:14 am

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