Real Estate Transfers: May 3, 2021

May 3, 2021 | 10:54 pm

Updated May 3, 2021 | 10:54 pm

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Apr. 20 and Apr. 28:

1732 Mohawk Drive, Matt Devalt to Dwight and Mary Wathen, $155,000.

3015 Saratoga Court, Quincy and Helen Sryke to Jean Rutledge and Dan Styke, $192,500.


1700 Monarch Avenue, Rickey and Sonda Carlisle to Wright Choice Properties LLC, $35,000.

2611 Sunrise Drive, Jesse Montgomery to Tara Gann and Michael Frizzell, $179,900.

3970 Crane Pond Road, Daniel and Latessa Ott to Justin and Holly Luck, $189,900.

2231 Boarman Drive, Daniel Payne to Berryhills Farm LLC, $115,000.

2868 Silver Creek Loop, Brea and Lindsay Basham to William and Heather Baade, $224,900.

3606 Trafalgar Court, Erica Keller to Spencer and Victoria Clayton, $168,000.

3750 Locust Hill Drive, Dustin Whitworth to Adam and Heather Britt, $225,000.

2127 Surrey Drive West, Rebeca Tineo to Cheyanne Brown, $110,900.

4412 Fairbairn Court, John and Arnetta Dunn to Joan Whitlow, $220,00.

10303 Indian Hill Road, John and Theresa Hidgon to Michael and Barbara Whelan, $299,900.

1402 Bosley Road, Curtis and Daretta Crabtree to Pranjel LLC, $37,500.

1100 Crabtree Avenue, 1923 Fieldcrest LLC to Raange Investments LLC, $55,000.

2414 Summer Walk, Natalie Anderson to Shawn and Kara Cole, $219,900.

3979 Cross Creek Trail, Bryan and Alyson Stallings to Natalie Anderson, $227,000.

4883 Oak Meadow Court, William and Dana Peveler to Alyson and Bryan Stallings, $390,000.

1726 Prince Avenue, Tony Woodall to Kailyn Marret, $100,000.

421 East 20th Street, Allison Guffy and Amber Lowery to James and Jamie Cambron, $15,000.

3563 Bold Forbes Way, Gary and Betty Lee to Gary Lee Irrevocable Trust, $161,700.

1605 West 9th Street, Billy and Helen Emberton to Gilbert Mitchell, $64,000.

50 Colonial Court, Michael and Cynthia Jean to Conrad Fisher, $145,000.

624 Belmar Drive, Stefan and Jessica Millay to Gary and Lesley Faucheux, $139,000.

1618 Creek Haven Loop, Patty Coppage to Janie McDonald and Leslie Wilson, $284,400.

2119 Griffith Place West, Ann and Bryan Leazenby to Christopher and Amy Kazlauskas, $397,500.

3307 Lewis Lane, Amy and John Lilly to Kelsey and Zachary Lytle, $215,000.

933 West 1st Street, Brenda McClure to Mary Knight, $140,000.

317 Catalina Drive, Franklin and Kathryn Wright to Shane Leach, $110,000.

421 Monarch Street, Joseph and Ruth Haynes to Jerry and Virginia Bailey, $47,000.

1327 West 12th Street, Mark and Tina Blandford to Sparkle Acton, $144,900.

722 Walnut Street, B & B Properties Trust to Jessie Carter, $59,900.

1583 Roosevelt Road, James Weider to William and Hayley Johnson, $259,900.

1083 Hill Avenue, Mayfair Square Development Group LLC to David and Julie Warren, $455,000.

9440 Highway 662, Zachary and Kelsey Lytle to Jamon Wedding, $158,000.

1618 Tamarack Road, Ryan Litherland to Christopher Clark and Jessica Honadle, $147,000.

1712 East 26th Street, CTC Investments LLC to Scott and Katie Sterling, $125,000.

2700 Wimsatt Court, Ryan and Julie Hobson to Joshua and Karina Phillips, $239,900.

314 Camden Circle, Troy and Kelci Duncan to Steffan and Jessica Millay, $208,000.

2584 Watson Circle, Marian Turley to Stanley Bittman, $242,000.

2030 Asbury Place, Scott and Melissa Myers to Magen Freeman, $144,900.

3611 Decidedly Court, Tana Utterback to Austin and Cora Fraliex, $204,500.

4217 Hayden Park Drive, Marc and Jeanette Lambert to Brett and Mallory Wiggins, $325,000.

1930 Parrish Avenue, Vista International, Inc. to Empower Associates LLC, $3,257,500.

2013 Westview Drive, Dream Design LLC to Shawn Ender, $189,900.

2234 Stratford Drive North, Corey and Kendra Hunt to Logan Norris and Megan Morris, $188,900.

2224 Parrish Avenue West, Jason May to Travis and Felicia Hoagland, $165,500.

1422 West 9th Street, On A Budget Rentals LLC to Martin Gomez and Maria Jiminez, $28,000.

531 Graystone Drive, David and Margaret Gish to David Franey, $219,900.

2212 Black Oak Drive, Thompson Homes, Inc. to Zach and Hailey Woodard, $34,000.

1005 East 19th Street, Robert Bradley to Mark Adams, $69,900.

1917 Oak Avenue, Karen Rednour to Helen Wood and Kevin Coomes, $99,900.

4514 Hayden Bridge Road, Thomas and Renee Hayden to Joseph and Aimee Burch, $201,000.

816 East 15th Street, Mary Terry to Anthony Quinn, $105,000.

3850 Garden Terrace, Marilyn Hamilton to Saw and Mu Moo, $174,900.

604 Elm Street, Dudley Miller to Gary Cobb, $10,000.

1814 West 6th Street, C&D Property Management LLC to Kaylee Knight, $83,500.

2683 Dellwood Valley Lane, Tyler and Courtney Dukate to Adam and Megan Ash, $247,274.

9365 Highway 405, David and Lori Bertschneider to Katy and Anthony Coin, $156,250.

May 3, 2021 | 10:54 pm

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