Real Estate Transfers: Nov. 22, 2021

November 22, 2021 | 8:33 am

Updated November 22, 2021 | 8:33 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Nov. 5 and Nov. 12:

2247 Ponder Place, William and Joy Malone to Kayla and Cameron Murphy, $199,900.

2286 Yates Drive, Cody Field to Kevin and Tammy Gaddis, $179,900.

4421 Greenacre Drive, Paul and Marbrey Hedges to Sharon and Henry Hudson, $219,900.

520 Hill Avenue, Ray and Jenny Jones to Erin Walker, $140,000.

2226 Fairview Drive, Patti Hall to Robert Basham, $218,900.

3155 Steeplechase, Jordan and Samantha Bostick to Rohit and Abhigna Patel, $220,000.

2144 Bittel Road, Linda and John Yager to Michael and Bethany Kelley, $750,000.

5316 Summercrest Drive, Jeremy and Evelyn O’Bryan to Lyda Renfrow and Tyler Jewell, $220,000.

6144 Highway 81, Timothy and Patricia Green to Kyle and Hillary Martin, $454,900.

1715 Mohawk Drive, Real Investments LLC to Ted and Linda Tidwell, $200,000.

2107 West 6th Street, Peter Hall to Jonathan and Rebecca Brandle, $55,000.

7851 Old Highway 54, Joseph and Dorothy Woodward to Edward and Leigh Ann Statts, $149,000.

2500 Elder Drive, Melissa Bullington to Mercedes Pierce, $127,000.

5757 Alvey Bridge Road, June and Angela Frey to Christoher Musack, $210,000.

4300 Edgewood Court, Aaron and Jennifer Nacey to Randal and Therese Norris, $315,000.

3002 Daviess Street, Project 1924 LLC to Lance Board, $80,000.

2427 West 5th Street, Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro to Josie Cockrell, $108,500.

2257 Cannonero Loop, L.E. and Patricia Van Meter to Annetta Saunders and Candice Hayes, $239,500.

713 Allen Street, Gabriel Kirtley to Eric and Rebeckah Sapp, $60,000.

2160 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Mark and Jennifer Arnold, $237,920.

4119 Tanbark Place, Christina Hayden to Chad and Leslie Watts, $1,000,000.

3030 Settles Road, Chad and Leslie Watts to Matthew and Christina Hayden, $6,650,000.

6190 Millers Mill Road, William and Laura Roth to Cory and Savannah Statts, $270,000.

4609 Crescent Hill Drive, Ray and Nancy Kennedy to William White, $275,000.

2931 Daviess Street, Evans Residential Rentals to Joseph Benallo, $115,900.

10991 Highway 764, William and Stella Sims to Yadira Escobedo, $160,000.

1630 Hill Avenue, Ashley and George Daugherty to James Kirk and Jamie Siebert, $187,500.

724 Fairfax Drive, Joseph Hodskins to Richard and Holly Koehler, $100,000.

6920 McPherson Road, Alexander and Mary Hamilton to Donald and Marcia Bratton, $240,000.

1940 Daniels Lane, Keith and Pam Slack to Andrew and Jessica Hester, $180,000.

152 Tamarack Road, Robert Estes and Cheryl Kirtley to Cheryl and Charles Kirtley, $91,900.

5445 Gerald Drive, Jeremy Midkiff to Sherry and Field Eason, $149,900.

418 Tampa Drive, Glowoholics LLC to Velocity Property Group LLC, $50,000.

4144 Highway 142, Tambra Bittel and Tony Bittel to Floyd and Rosalyn Tapp, $60,000.

5232 Lee Rudy Road, Nicholas Hayden Trust to Thomas Hayden Trust, $540,000.

4630 Harbor Hills Trace, Nicholas Hayden Trust to Thomas Hayden Trust, $420,000.

30 Acres on Medley Road, Nicholas Hayden Trust to Thomas Hayden Trust, $405,000.

3238 Kidron Valley Way, Mount Moriah Holdings LLC to Kidron Investment LLC, $2,300,000.

5308 Summercrest Lane, Paul and Kaylee Lopez to Dillon and Taylor Donahue, $235,000.

991 West 1st Street, Eleanore Russell to Ella Wilcher, $499,450.

4748 Whistle Rock Court, Travis Harper to Megan Thompson, $202,000.

4090 Little Bluestem Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Brandon Meadors, $367,140.

2508 Strickland Drive, Billy and Jean Blaine to David Boswell, $81,700.

2877 Highway 142, Krista and Samuel Foster to Skylyn and Isaac Fuqua, $91,000.

3627 Saddle Bend, Thompson Homes, Inc. to Joshua and Sara Foster, $271,738.

4714 Whistle Rock Court, Dustin and Whitney Brown to Kristen Beatty, $219,900.

2627 Hawthorne Drive, Joshua Hutchinson and Lacey Hutchinson to Alexander Watkins, $207,000.

3854 Lewis Lane, David and Tracy Johnson to Mary Harding, $130,000.

2458 Ford Avenue, Dolores Kirk to William and Paula Banczak, $262,500.

2743 Wimsatt Court, James Morris to Carl and Mary Westerfield, $65,000.

November 22, 2021 | 8:33 am

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