Real Estate Transfers: July 18, 2022

July 18, 2022 | 8:26 am

Updated July 18, 2022 | 8:26 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 24 and July 8:

1919 Fleming Avenue, Gabrielle Epperson to Reid and Hadley Wilson, $150,000.

764 Dove Court, Anna Trogden to Charles and Vicki Horn, $200,000.

3140 Spring Run, Jeffrey Gillim to Sanjay and Mamta Kumar, $385,000.

6569 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Sue and Michael Lindsey, $235,665.

4302 Saddlebrooke Trail, Joseph and Christal Towery to Anthony and Debra Stratton, $338,000.

1836 Hughes Avenue, Billy Cotton to Robert Johnson and Virginia Johnson, $104,500.

6517 Valley Brook Trace, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $33,750.

2399 Skaggs Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $39,000.

10724 Green Street, Jordan Kaelin to Barbara Hodskins, $183,400.

6625 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to John Radecki and Sarah Ringham, $320,000.

926 East 18th Street, Chardey Doolin to N&G Legacy Estates LLC, $75,000.

672 Fargo Street, Norma Glenn to Chad and Judell Gore, $149,900.

10720 Green Street, Thomas and Lolita Roby to Jordan and Hailey Kaelin, $265,000.

5150 Seabiscuit Loop, Kham and Sey Thang to Tin Win, $255,000.

3922 Krystal Lane, Anthony and Mila Villarreal to Austin and Katelin Brooks, $274,000.

47 Church Street, Samantha Green to Christopher McKay, $118,000.

2400 Middleground Drive, William and Betty Roach to Elizabeth and Michael Roach, $160,000.

3410 Proud Clarion Drive, Fulcrum Holdings LLC to Matthew and Crystal Lonowski, $240,500.

3842 Carpenter Drive,  Michael and Cindy Miller to Katie Miller, $76,000.

2046 Viola Gardens, Cindy Kinder to Martha Underwood and Melissa Knight, $190,000.

214 Tremont Drive, Paul and Tanya Ackerman to Kelly Hillard, $125,000.

3974 Brookside Court, Christopher and Rhonda Davis to William and Lisa Hudson, $240,000.

6185 Carmel Court, Scott and Lisa Gammenthaler to Jarrod and Shelby Ratliff, $500,000.

2219 Citation Avenue, Fulcrum Holdings LLC to Clarth Properties LLC, $165,000.

9310 Highway 951, William Dixon to James Howard and Amanda Morris, $130,000.

6585 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Ariel Meserve and Teresa Meserve, $249,410.

2440 Tamarack Road, Cheryal Allen to Allied Contractors LLC, $85,000.

2111 Surrey Drive West, Ronald and Greta Beals to Cherilyn Travis and Christina Donahue, $100,000.

4204 Old Hartford Road, American International Relocation to James and Melissa Carter, $255,000.

1923 Epworth Lane, Eric Reynolds and Kelsey Jarboe to Barnsley Brothers LLC, $119,000.

6461 Valley Brook Trace, Kristopher Eans and Nichole Eans to Keaton and Megan Widenhouse, $242,500.

3937 Brentwood Drive, Kenneth and Taylor Patterson to Koger Properties LLC, $185,000.

108 Sycamore Street, Bon Harber LLC to Carmel Ford Investments LLC, $5,000.

4701 Lonesome Pine Trail, Tammy Ambs to Tim and Barbara Gaddis, $10,000.

810 George Street, Terry and Dawn Werner to Ursula Garcia, $15,000.

4481 Highway 142, Mark and Sabrina Sparks to Teresa Sparks, $801,119.

80 Acres on Highway 142, David Sparks to Mark Sparks, $882,310.

720 West Parrish Avenue, Kimberly Jagoe to John and Pamela Howard, $247,200.

1704 West 4th Street, Brandon Standiford to Damian Randolph, $139,900.

2002 Scherm Road, Stanley Lightner to Cara Harvey and Bretnea Harvey, $200,000.

916 McGill Street, Katie Humphrey to Home Style Rentals, Inc., $85,000.

4494 Poplar Log Bridge Road, Casey and Rhonda Pruden to Randolph and Kae Beasley, $115,500.

1728 Queens Way Court, Stacy Onstott to Green River Holdings LLC, $119,000.

3845 Bowlds Court, Ruth Payne to Rodney Payne, $185,000.

1 Acre on Highway 54, Robert Bryant to West Parrish Court LLC, $39,100.

3849 Willow Way, Jared Redmon to William and Sheila Boone, $156,000.

214 Tamarack Road, Ruth Payne to Sharon Early, $116,000.

1413 Maple Avenue, Ruth White to Robert Higdon, $185,000.

6458 Thorn Ridge Crossing, Ballards Development LLP to Betty Pannell, $375,000.

164 Tamarack Road, Ruth Payne to JASM LLC, $126,000.

313 Tamarack Road, Ruth Payne to JASM LLC, $115,000.

708 Hathaway Street, Justin Davidson to Janet Pence, $95,000.

5663 Locust Lane, Felicia and Jerry Jeffries to Ethan and Jamie Fulkerson, $250,000.

4430 Antler Avenue, George and Mary Childers to Whitney and Nicholas Hubbard, $180,000.

5030 Back Square Drive, A&M Enterprises Partnership to Hayden Development Company LLC, $1,275,000.

4118 Harbor Hills Trace, Ethan and Jamie Fulkerson to Jared and Katherine Lundy, $191,000.

1252 Concord Terrace, Christy Sumner Investments LLC to Chasen Little, $188,000.

4760 Highway 142, Michael and Christie Hagan to Jereme and Alicia Tendler, $350,000.

6267 Valley Brook Trace, Stephen and Ashley Patton to William Duffy, $249,900.

2200 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Patricia Black and Donna Goetz, $272,960.

3307 Old Mill Lane, Jack and Peggy Wydra to Xing Lin, $192,153.

211 Santa Maria Drive, John and Karen Hughes to Isai and Lauren Amaya, $247,000.

2223 Monroe Avenue, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Praveen Ravichandran, $279,710.

2756 Russell Road, Mark and Traci Eddings to Stephen and Lisa Leonard, $359,900.

9967 McCamish Road, David and Jo Anna Payne to Garrett Basham, $167,000.

6218 Autumn Valley Trace, Jacob and Chelsea Hughes to Mark and Jennifer Dickinson, $305,000.

2324 Landsdowne South, Joshua and Kristina Baldwin to Hannah Mason, $200,000.

2350 Harriet Lane, Robin and Tamara Greenwell to MSL Investments LLC, $70,000.

604 Hall Street, Aimee Alford to Brittany and Corville Voyles, $8,000.

500 Orchard Street, Alva Sutton to Fuenete de Agua Viva Corporation, $250,000.

3340 Arlington Drive, Dream Design LLC to Douglas Howard, $163,750.

804 Clay Street, John Maddox to Robert Bryant, $10,000.

2155 Skaggs Court, Hannah Crawford to Keila Coomer and Zachary Wilson, $254,900.

6577 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Rong Zhang and Juan Zheng, $248,385.

523 Walnut Street, Jerry Owens to A&B Saints Rentals LLC, $35,000.

2843 Allen Street, Dream Design LLC to Courtney Richardson, $155,000.

600 East 26th Street, Bradley and Barbara Black to James Crabtree and Crystal Felty, $90,000.

3868 Thresher Street, Beth and Nick Partain to Clinton Berry, $183,000.

1707 East 19th Street, Keila Coomer to Shannon and Doyle Huggins, $124,900.

12550 Floral Road, Raymond and Jancie Schiff to Nathaniel and Bridget Mayfield, $175,000.

4509 Taylor Drive, Christopher and Brenda Lott to Justin and Lori McFarland, $244,900.

2345 Homestead Pointe, Somer and Justin Wilhite to Heather and Steffan Johnson, $217,900.

2500 Haviland Drive, Sarah Smith to Meagan Hammer and Ashley Bishop, $165,000.

2301 Fieldstone Court, Christopher and Leslie Murray to Justin Rogers and Janeth Alvarez, $225,000.

1740 Whispering Meadows Drive, O’Bryan Development, Inc. to Phillip and Donna Carpenter, $45,000.

4220 Hawthorne Drive, Heather Viles to Jose and Emily Solorza, $150,000.

2158 Ottawa Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Yitong Liu and Keith Hocker, $235,000.

918 Gardenside Drive, JMW Rentals LLC to Megan Griggs, $108,000.

2525 Dillard Court, James and Melisa Early to Jeffrey and Richelle Esposito, $294,900.

9475 Highway 144, Ivan and Kathleen Hagan to Amy Hagan, $200,000.

2850 Old Masonville Loop, Timothy and Marty Russ to Joseph Martin, $132,500.

1910 East 15th Street, Anna Shoptaugh Irrevocable Trust to Teresa Covington, $137,500.

629 Maple Heights, S&W Properties LLC to Katelynn Bullington, $105,000.

1632 Cary Court, Carissa Roush to Jaki Richter and William Putt, $170,000.

661 Chuck Gray Court, Jonathan Jernigan to A to Z Leasing LLC, $66,000.

12603 Highway 1513, Gary Roberts to Harvey and Cathy Bowlds, $25,000.

1923 Epworth Lane, Eric Reynolds and Kelsey Jarboe to Barnsley Brothers LLC, $119,000.

2824 Asbury Place, Brandon Standiford to Terry and Mandy Kasinger, $199,000. 

July 18, 2022 | 8:26 am

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