Real Estate Transfers: Sept. 12, 2022

September 12, 2022 | 8:50 am

Updated September 12, 2022 | 8:50 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Aug. 31 and Sept. 6:

1621 Center Street, Vanod Properties LLC to N&G Legacy Estates LLC, $59,900.

3715 Strike the Gold Court, Amanda and Forrest Hamilton to Ashleigh and Carl Crowe, $238,000.

4785 Becker Drive, Wendell Walker to Melissa Liles, $248,000.

6675 Kingston Drive, Benjamin and Elizabeth Smith to Christopher Higdon, $570,000.

3400 New Hartford Road, MSP1 LLC to Joint Properties LLC, $2,050,000.

35 Stone Creek Park, John and Jean Harmon Revocable Living Trust to David Habbe and Sandra Cantwell, $1,000,000.

2635 Kingman Loop, L&S Homes LLC to Haley and Christopher Vessels, $195,000.

801 McFarland Road, Timothy and Melissa Davis to Erik Ferry, $265,000.

1620 Mayo Avenue, Shu Jiang to Tamir and Teea Blay, $175,000.

2925 Christie Place, Melissa Liles to David and Flishia Crabtree, $200,000.

6505 Valley Brook Trace, Ethan and Mahala Woods to Cameron Shadwick and Felicia Willis, $215,000.

6465 Valley Brook Trace, William and Lorrin Nash to Courtney Martin, $229,000.

2259 South York Street, Mary and Michael Whitcraft to Kerry and Jessica White, $228,000.

2205 Monroe Avenue, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Bradlen and Kelsey Cobb, $303,790.

6609 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Chaise Moore, $305,888.

2535 Triple Crown Way, Lloyd and Lora Graham to Nancy Williams, $184,000.

3167 Bridle Way, Betty Marsh to Catherine Melendez and Edgardo Nieves, $245,000.

1223 Wayside Drive, Tamir and Teea Blay to Trinidad Gonzalez and Paula Lopez, $124,900.

6389 Highway 762, Lisa Phillipi to Morgan Merritt, $240,000.

2354 Ottawa Drive, Thang Lian and Dim Nem to Clemens Holdings LLC, $216,000.

1909 Colonial Court, Rozelyn and Heriberto Hernandez to Julie West, $154,900.

4486 Springhill Drive, Melinda Annin to Carolyn and Clyde Wills, $272,500.

2247 Ponder Place, Kayla and Cameron Murphy to Julia Calhoun and Austin Wilhite, $238,500.

3014 Saratoga Court, Leo and Carolyn Gholson to Misty and Jason Sandefur, $260,000.

1314 Wayside Drive West, Royalty Rental Investments LLC to Heather Coogan, $136,000.

2521 Palomino Place, Joshua Kendall to Cameron and Kayla Murphy, $292,000.

3717 Arlington Drive, Jason and Misty Sandefur to Laquan and Joshua Kendall, $161,000.

2951 Summer Point Court, Dana Coy to Jon and Janette Schwartz, $280,000.

4969 Bridgewood, JR Acquisitions LLC to Chirstopher Blue, $85,000.

724 Carter Road, DF & K Rentals LLC to Koger Properties LLC, $119,000.

4041 Kensington Place, Lois Brame to Scott and Karla Goldblatt, $200,000.

4883 Oak Meadow Court, Alyson and Bryan Stallings to Candace and Stephen Crossan, $421,000.

6861 Creekview Court, Lenny Leathers to Alyson and Bryan Stallings, $299,900.

2030 Wimbledon Court, Charles Gater to Russel and Nila Smith, $220,000.

701 Rand Road, Haley Sheehan to Patricia Harris, $109,775.

4725 McIntire Crossing, Stephen and Marti Rowland to Hai Htoo and Choe Aye, $212,900.

2591 Landing Terrace, Doris Irvin to Tracey Logsdon, $208,000.

6142 Boston Laffoon Road, Candace and Stephen Crossan to Megan and Caleb Mattingly, $320,000.

4100 Highway 554, Andrew and Laura Butterworth to Michelle Pricher, $167,500.

1705 Payne Avenue, Martin Family Rental LLC to Gregory and Tiffany Scott, $69,500.

1400 Washington Avenue, Barry Grimes to John Maurice and Cynthia Wimsatt, $125,000.

1914 Kelly Lane, MSL Investments LLC to Chase Ligon, $219,900.

801 West 8th Street, Justin Davidson to Irma Juan, $13,000.

6606 Blue Ridge Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Elcie Jones, $284,950.

7478 Highway 60 West, Dowdy Pack Development LLC to Brian Crafton, $115,000.

9246 Highway 405, Matthew Gordon to Byron Gordon, $65,000.

4933 Frederica Street, Wayne Lynn Enterprises LLC to Salt Shaker LLC, $471,748.

2940 New Hartford Road, Wayne Lynn Enterprises LLC to Salt Shaker LLC, $302,252.

7104 Highway 815, Aaron Hagan and Julia Lopez to Melissa Hagan, $112,500.

4720  Loftwood Drive, Jeffery Chappell to Cathy Roper, $241,000.

September 12, 2022 | 8:50 am

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