Real Estate Transfers: Nov. 7, 2022

November 7, 2022 | 8:37 am

Updated November 7, 2022 | 8:37 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Oct. 25 and Oct. 31:

2258 Hoop Jr Court, Robert Norris to Hailey Norris, $180,000.

1424 Woodbridge Trail, Naomi Wilson and Geoffrey Wilson to John and Jeanne Vanhoose, $410,000.

6607 Blue Ridge Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Yong Li and Ruifang Ke, $259,930.

10083 Boone Street, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Jerry O’Bryan, $65,000.

4238 Edgewood Court, Darris Dimarco to Christopher Riccio and Mary Crowe, $485,000.

246 Morgan Lane, Wilbur and Anna Clay to Brandon Standiford, $177,000.

6611 Blue Ridge Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Youyii Yang and Zhong Yang, $260,870.

3896 Brookfield Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Anthony and Amanda Riney, $395,140.

2141 Summer Walk, National Transfer Services LLC to Rebecca and Lukas Pate, $265,000.

228 Irene Avenue, Thomas and Mary Blair to Francisca Crus and Gamaliel Diaz, $15,000.

625 Poplar Street, Keith Watkins to JNT Rentals LLC, $15,000.

2819 Strawbridge Place, Michelle and Kai Cannon to MBSW Properties LLC, $94,000.

511 Saint Ann Street, William and Julia Sommerville to TEC Investments LLC, $180,000.

2300 Citation Avenue, Mary Steele to Robert Steele Life Estate, $259,000.

5100 Newbolt Road, Joel and Donnell Gordon to Greg Floyd Properties LLC, $465,000.

113 East 19th Street, Harold and Robin Bigham to Mary Bruce and Sallie Mitchell, $175,000.

8266 Crisp Road, Christopher and Melanie Chaffin to Michael Boling, $53,500.

3956 Cross Creek Trail, James R. Estes Revocable Trust to Nathan Gaw, $280,000.

2230 South Stratford Drive, James and Amanda Kuhlman to Tina Maloney and Amanda Howell, $259,900.

2405 O’Bryan Boulevard, Susan Alford and William Hawkins to Thaddeus Merritt, $300,000.

11120 Gore Road, Neil and Karen Wethington to Lee and Molly Humphrey, $287,500.

258 Cinderella Drive, Joseannah Brown to Mission Properties LLC, $150,000.

6603 Blue Ridge Court, Deer Valley Subdivision LLC to Jagoe Homes, Inc., $44,250.

2300 Count Turf Drive, James and Joan Johnson to Austin and Ashley Hamilton, $173,000.

6133 Sutter Loop East, Andy Edwards to Matthew Lee, $162,000.

6650 Luther Taylor Road, James May and Debbie McCorkindale to Grayson Harpole, $195,000.

4500 Stonegate Drive, James and Maggie Rusher to Thomas and Susan Furlong, $486,900.

2051 Trillium Gardens, John Games to Ronald and Jo Ann Johnson, $187,000.

1508 West 5th Street, Jammu Properties LLC to City of Owensboro, $38,000.

6381 Autumn Valley Trace, Richard Brown to Jagoe Guaranteed Trade LLC, $217,375.

6619 Blue Ridge Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Yichi Yang, $260,520.

1242 Wayside Drive West, Kathryn Boling to Nye Meh and Plae Reh, $169,900.

2904 Allen Street, John Shepler and Julia Lane to Jane Shelton, $141,200.

1738 Sioux Place, Casey Dean to Kai Cannon and Brittany Barnett, $236,000.

5310 Ashland Avenue, Richard and Holly Koehler to Stephen and Charlotta Fuller, $158,000.

560 Camden Circle, Richard and Melinda Rue to Corey Fulkerson, $253,000.

850 East Byers Avenue, Bobbi Mattingly to Victor and Dawn Evans, $202,000. 

November 7, 2022 | 8:37 am

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