About The Owensboro Times

For years, the Owensboro community has been revitalizing the way we live, work and play. One thing we have not changed is the way we get our news. The majority of us have received our news from the same printed source, another city or have decided not to get local news at all. We believe it’s time for a change.

Owensboro Times will reach a demographic of this community that is currently underserved. As an online, daily local news source, Owensboro Times believes…
…daily, local news should be accessible to everyone.
…in pleasant online experiences.
…that video is the future – and the future is here.
…organizations want to do more than talk – they want to interact with consumers.
…creativity is the key.
…in the Widmer Way (The Owensboro Times version of the Golden Rule).

OT founders Jason Tanner and Christy Chaney bring a wealth of media and business knowledge to The Times. Jason is the owner and publisher of Owensboro Living, Owensboro Parent, Henderson Family and Bowling Green Living, and founder of the Emmy award-winning advertising agency, Tanner+West. Christy Chaney is the owner of Studio Slant, co-founder of East Bridge Arts and Musical Festival and served the community for 18 years through her family’s business.

We are excited to provide an accessible, daily news source for OBKY. We invite you to get with the times too.