About The Owensboro Times

The times are always changing. The Owensboro Times is changing with it, and we hope to bring the community along with us.

For years, Owensboro has been revitalizing the way we live, work and play. One thing that didn’t adapt was how we get our news. So when Owensboro Times launched in 2018, we changed everything.

We know you want local news, and you want it now. That’s what we promise to provide. We live in this community, and we want to tell its story — the good and the bad. We also want that delivered in real time. In the age of the smart phone and social media, we know instant access is a necessity.

We also know that just because we can report major news, doesn’t always mean we should. We strive to uphold what we call the Widmer Way, which is our version of the Golden Rule. Essentially, we won’t share identifying photos of a fatal scene, and we won’t release names of major crime victims or those who die in accidents until the family is notified.

We also want to be creative, innovative, and investigative in delivering content. That means going live on social media, connecting the dots when no one else will, or finding out what the next restaurant is going to be in Owensboro.

When OT launched in 2018, founders Jason Tanner and Christy Chaney brought a wealth of media and business knowledge to The Times.

Tanner is the owner and publisher of Owensboro Living, Owensboro Parent, Henderson Family and Bowling Green Living, and founder of the Emmy award-winning advertising agency, Tanner+West.

Chaney owned Studio Slant before passing the gift-giving and wedding registry baton over to another locally owned business. She is also the co-founder of East Bridge Arts and Musical Festival and served the community for 18 years through her family’s business.

We are excited to provide an accessible, daily news source for OBKY. We invite you to get with the times, too.