Pipe installation on KY 1554 in Daviess County begins Monday

May 6, 2023 | 7:22 pm

Updated May 6, 2023 | 7:22 pm

A contractor plans to close KY 1554 in Daviess County in order to replace a pipe mile point  0.14.

The closure is scheduled for 2 days.

Motorists will not be able to access KY 56 using the Audubon Parkway while this work is addressed.

The work zone is between KY 56 and the Audubon Parkway.

Message boards will be installed to alert motorists of the restrictions.

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Traffic advisories and alerts for KYTC District 2 counties are also available at www.Facebook.com/KYTCDistrict2.  You do not have to be a Facebook member to access this page.

May 6, 2023 | 7:22 pm

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