The GhostLight Lounge now open; entertainment bar offers variety of events, experiences

June 24, 2021 | 12:09 am

Updated June 23, 2021 | 10:53 pm

The GhostLight Lounge

The RiverPark Center has officially opened The GhostLight Lounge, new entertainment bar geared toward karaoke nights, live entertainment, dancing, drinks and more. The Lounge is attached to the RPC Atmos Courtyard.

According to RPC Director of Marketing & Education Grae Greer, the Lounge has been a work in progress over the last year. 

“We wanted to launch it sooner, but then the pandemic changed our lives, and that dream was put on hold for a bit,” Greer said. “Now, as the world reopens more, we thought, ‘What better time to reveal our little project?’” 

The GhostLight Lounge holds 65 people, and the RiverPark Center staff plans to hold comedy nights, interactive films, game show events, open mic nights, silent discos, and a number of other events there. 

The Lounge has a unique backstory that ties it to the RiverPark Center’s Cannon Hall. Greer said she’d leave a single light on to “energize the stage” when the theatre was dark.

“So when the lights in Cannon Hall dim, the GhostLight Lounge is energizing the building with karaoke, live entertainment, great drinks and dancing,” she said. 

RPC Executive Director Rich Jorn shared Greer’s excitement in opening the GhostLight Lounge to the public. 

“When I walked into the space to tour while interviewing for executive director, I knew I wanted to utilize the space in the best way we could,” Jorn said. 

June 24, 2021 | 12:09 am

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