Local high school artist illustrates her first book

July 29, 2019 | 3:00 am

Updated July 28, 2019 | 10:31 am

Amelia Sosh has begun illustrating a book that should be finished in 2019. | Photo by Jacqueline Jordan Photography

Amelia Sosh, an incoming sophomore at Daviess County High School, was described as a child who always had a pencil in her hand. As much as she loved to draw, she enjoyed music, too. As a toddler, she sang with her older cousin at her grandmother’s house and matched the song pitch for pitch. As she got a little older, she taught herself how to play the ukulele.

Laura Jones, her mother, completed her undergraduate work in art from KWC as a painter and illustrator and design artist. Her interest in creating unique pieces may be where her daughter got her early start.

“I drew characters all the time for Amelia when she was little and she would color them,” Jones said. “So that is sort of how she got started. She used to like to steal my art journals and look at them and render things to learn.”

Sosh’s love for the arts has continued to develop as she has grown older. She plays the trumpet in the high school band, is a member of the Youth Symphony Orchestra, has sung in Carnegie Hall with the Kentucky Youth Chorale and creates beautiful pieces of artwork in her spare time.

When Jones was approached by an author friend to illustrate a children’s book several months ago, she had someone different in mind for the job. Jones wanted to ask her daughter to consider the project.

“I felt like maybe it wasn’t meant for me and that the author should talk to Amelia after looking at some of her artwork if she was interested,” Jones said. “I didn’t want to get her hopes up if her artwork wasn’t what they were looking for.”

Sosh’s illustrations for an upcoming book. | Photo by Jacqueline Jordan Photography

The author of the children’s book looked at Sosh’s sample work and loved it. When Sosh learned of the opportunity to illustrate her first book, she was intimidated although she readily agreed and was determined to make it work, even with her busy schedule.

“An opportunity like this doesn’t arrive every day,” Sosh said. “I am excited.”

Due to Sosh’s extracurricular activities and commitments, Sosh and the author have had to almost schedule the illustrations. The book is on track to be completed sometime this semester.

At her age, this entire process will be a learning experience that will help her in the future.
Sosh says she would like to attend a college with a great art program. Eventually, she would also like to learn how to animate, a process she has learned but does not come naturally. Her ultimate goal is to embrace art as a career through music or animation.

“I have been doing art since I was little and my mom being a graphic designer is where I got my inspiration,” Sosh said. “I like how art is present in movies, short films and books; I notice how it inspires people and forms a community.”

According to her mom, Sosh has her own style. She loves anime and some of her illustrations depict that inspiration.

“I want to be doing this as a career one day. With art and with music, it’s in one’s everyday life,” Sosh said. “Making art or music is worth it even when it’s time consuming. It’s worth it just to see a smile on somebody’s face.”

July 29, 2019 | 3:00 am

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