ROMP to require proof of vaccine or negative COVID-19 test for attendees

August 25, 2021 | 11:49 am

Updated August 25, 2021 | 11:50 am

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ROMP Festival attendees will be required provide either proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of entering the festival, officials announced Wednesday. Arrival information will be released soon. The event is scheduled for Sept. 15-18.

The move was “based on continued consultation with regional and local health officials as well as ongoing informed discussions regarding public safety.”

ROMP Festival was launched in 2004 as the primary fundraiser for the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum.

New requirements to enter ROMP Festival

PROOF OF COVID VACCINATION: Provide proof that it has been 14 or more days since your final dose in a COVID vaccine series by presenting your vaccine card along with a photo ID. A photocopy or cell phone photo of your card is also acceptable but must show the full card, including name, and be legible.

PROOF OF NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST: If you have not been vaccinated or do not have a vaccination card, you must show a printed or digital copy of a negative COVID test performed on you within 72 hours of entry into the festival. For those 4 years of age or younger, no test is required.

PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION: Anyone age 16 or older must present a photo ID with their COVID vaccination card or negative COVID Test. Those under 16 and unable to present a photo ID must be accompanied by a parent who can attest to their identity.

Once you meet one of the above criteria with proof of identity, you will be issued a unique wristband indicating you have met the COVID-19 safety criteria for entering the festival. Be advised that you must keep this wristband on throughout the duration of the festival to avoid going through the process again. This wristband does not replace the need to purchase a ticket to attend ROMP Festival, so each attendee will have a ticketing wristband as well as a wristband indicating COVID-19 safety criteria has been met.

Additional safety measures

In addition to the above safety criteria for entry, ROMP Festival also has the following measures in place.

Entry Gate:  When arriving at Yellow Creek Park, remain in your vehicle to have your ticket scanned and receive your festival wristband.  Attendees will then proceed to parking or designated camping areas. 

Stage Area:  The stage for 2021 has been repositioned to allow for more space for attendees to distance.  Enjoy the incredible performances but be mindful of others when in the festival field.

Outdoor Event:  ROMP is an outdoor event that takes place in the 150-acre Yellow Creek Park.  Please utilize this expansive space and stay distanced from others outside of your group in both the festival field and camping areas.

Masks:  ROMP Festival is an outdoor event, but we encourage anyone who has not been vaccinated to wear a mask and for all attendees to where a mask when navigating the festival in high traffic areas.  For those visiting the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum in downtown Owensboro while attending ROMP Festival, we encourage you to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

Portable Restrooms:  Additional cleanings are scheduled, and the portable restrooms will be spaced and not in large banks to avoid crowds. 

Handwash Stations:  We’re adding 10x the amount of handwashing stations.

Enhanced Cleaning Measures:  We’re increasing cleaning measures for restrooms and shower facilities.  Shower access will be limited to each family/friend pod at a time.

Dance Area in Front of the Stage:  To maintain social distancing, we will not have the mulched dance area in front of the stage.  We encourage you to enjoy the music in one location each evening.

Indoor Events at the Hall of Fame:  The Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum is open during ROMP Festival for self-guided tours, but there will be no programming or live music at the Hall of Fame during the festival.  

Workshops:  There will be no artist led workshops.

Kids Zone:  There will not be a Kids Zone this year during the festival.  We plan to offer an activity bag for children attending free of charge, while supplies last.

Camping:  Within our host site at Yellow Creek Park, there is plenty of space to maintain social distancing within your own campsite.  We encourage attendees to stay within your personal campsites and avoid mingling with your neighbors. 

After Party:  The After Party stage will have increased measures for social distancing, including additional lighting to allow attendees to spread out further in the After Party festival field.Finally, if you feel unwell, please do not attend ROMP Festival.  In the weeks leading up to September 15th, we will continue to monitor new information and implement any necessary changes.  

Refund and rollover request

If you wish to request a refund or rollover your ticket/tickets to ROMP 2022, please complete the form by following the link below no later than September 9th, 2021. If you plan to attend ROMP 2021, you do not need to complete this form.

August 25, 2021 | 11:49 am

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