Anderson and Helm turn passion for cooking into CamCooks4U, place high focus on local meat and produce

September 24, 2022 | 12:10 am

Updated September 23, 2022 | 7:58 pm

Longtime cooks and CamCooks4U owners Cameron Anderson and Tatum Helm are hosting their first Farm to Table event in collaboration with several local farmers on September 27. The event is a way for the two to spotlight local businesses while also showcasing his shift to taking the catering business to the next level.

Both will prepare a meal using food from Hill View Farms, Seymour Farms, and Flock and Leaf, while Helm with mix drinks with alcohol provided by Green River Distillery.

“We’re using a little bit from each place and it’s kind of unification. It’s a cool feeling. I love this stuff and it’s just cool to get everybody excited about food,” Anderson said.

The menu is crafted by Anderson, who tries to take traditional Kentucky foods and fuse them with Mexican and Asian dishes. One of the dishes will include a hot brown fused with an empanada.

Anderson places a high priority on plating, which has led him to grow his own herbs to help compliment the dishes they make.

Anderson and Helm were both chefs in their own right before meeting each other — Anderson going to a culinary school in Louisville, Helm cooking since she was younger.

Helm said she first got introduced to the kitchen through her dad, and cooking has always been a hobby she’s loved.

“Then I found somebody who has the same passion as me. I’ve never really seen anybody as passionate as my dad. So when I found that it was kind of interesting, and I thought this is actually something I want to do, and hopefully we get to do it for the rest of our lives together,” Helm said.

Together, they form the two-person team behind CamCooks4U. They have been booked for a handful of jobs so far, and while they’ve mostly prepared food for meetings and other small gatherings they aren’t afraid of the larger jobs.

In preparation for the Farm to Table dinner, they both anticipate starting earlier in the week, and they expect a few 16-hour days in the kitchen to prepare for the event.

But thus far they have loved the support from the community as they’ve ventured out into this business experience.

“It’s kind of cool the support that we have gotten, and we’re just trying to build on this pop-up dinner and eventually maybe do one every month or so,” Anderson said.

If the turnout is good, they hope to continue because they enjoy meeting the customers and knowing the feedback on the dishes.

“We get so much good feedback; I think that’s the best part about it is getting that feeling of making other people happy with the food,” Helm said.

To stay updated on what’s next for CamCooks4U check their Facebook page.

September 24, 2022 | 12:10 am

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