Fourth Street Baptist hosting ‘Black is His Story’ play, spotlighting lesser-known historical figures

February 12, 2023 | 12:10 am

Updated February 11, 2023 | 1:55 pm

Fourth Street Baptist Church is presenting "Black is His Story" in partnership with a drama ministry in Louisville. | Graphic by Owensboro Times

Fourth Street Baptist Church is presenting “Black is His Story” this Saturday. The play is dedicated to telling the lesser-known names in Black history — such as Claudette Colvin, William Steele, and Henry Box Brown.

The show takes the stage on February 18 at 5 p.m. at the church, located at 821 West Fourth Street. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here.

“We don’t hear enough about those icons that have to do whatever they need to do to get out of slavery. You’ve heard a lot about, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks, but you don’t hear about these folks as often,” said Director LaVada Johnson.

The play will take viewers through the past and present covering different figures and their plights, but Johnson promises there’s still humor throughout.

Johnson has a drama ministry based in Louisville, and through some connections with Pastor Mario and his wife Rhonda Pearson, they are able to bring the show to Owensboro with hopes of engaging more people in the community.

Rhonda Pearson said she is excited to bring Johnson and her troupe back to Owensboro after a well-attended Christmas show. Pearson is confident will also draw a strong crowd.

“It’s not just going to be for the Owensboro family members and friends, but we have people coming in from Evansville, Louisville, Radcliffe and several different areas. So it’s going to impact a lot of different people,” Pearson said.

She added that it’s fitting the play also be shown at the historic Fourth Street Baptist Church, which has been a staple in the Owensboro scene for years.

Proceeds from the show will be split between the church and Johnson’s group. Church officials said they plan to put the funds toward their playground and toward transporting children to church camp.

February 12, 2023 | 12:10 am

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