D’s Door Art hosting painting parties for custom home decor

November 26, 2022 | 12:10 am

Updated November 25, 2022 | 2:38 pm

D's Door Art

Dana McFarland is providing the community a chance to unwind, gather, and paint with her business D’s Door Art. Through painting parties, she and a group of friends — along with anyone who attends one of the parties — can decorate the next seasonal sign to hang on a door to greet visitors to a home.

McFarland said a lot of people tend to gather for bonding time near the holidays, rainy days in the spring, or just relaxing days in the fall. Painting parties draws groups of all types, but most often it’s groups of female friends.

“I have had males paint, too, but it’s mainly geared towards females,” she said. “The last two that I had actually were high school friends that asked to do it, and it was kind of nice to get together,” she said.

The idea for the business came from McFarland’s personal desire to change out decorations year-round. She said she’s never really been a creative person, but described herself as “extra.”

“I go above and beyond for decorating and parties. That’s the type of person I’ve always been … I’ve never been a painter before,” McFarland said.

Nonetheless, she does enjoy seeing people gather and enjoying their time together.

She has been doing parties with D’s since 2019, both open to public and private events, and hopes to do more and larger ones in the coming year.

McFarland also hopes to get out into the community more at different events and markets throughout the year and help raise awareness for her business.

Customers can choose to buy pieces designed by McFarland, or attend one of the painting sessions to decorate the pre-cut piece of wood, which is .25 inches think and laser cut. McFarland has a design out now that resembles a Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake — a white tree with red stripes and green sprinkles.

“They can still leave with a beautiful door hanger and I don’t have to do all the things for it to be beautiful. It enables people to leave with something really nice that they like,” she said.

McFarland said she is grateful for the support from the community over the past few years. She noted that the products and experience she provides aren’t a necessity, but to be able to provide people with a break from their usual schedule is refreshing.

“I’ve just been really appreciative of people that have given me the opportunity. Especially right now in this economy, things are really tight,” McFarland said.

To learn more about D’s Door Art, head to her Facebook page here.

November 26, 2022 | 12:10 am

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