Basham’s The Forgiven Soldier podcast sheds light on positive figures in community

November 11, 2023 | 12:11 am

Updated November 11, 2023 | 12:24 am

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Retired Army veteran and Owensboro native Brian Basham launched The Forgiven Soldier podcast years ago. Basham initially created the show for selfish reasons, searching for a way to express his vulnerability and meet new people. It has since grown to much more than that.

Shortly after launching, Kentucky Wesleyan College’s radio station – WKWC 90.3 – contacted Basham about putting the show on the air. Basham said the station manager, Derik Hancock, has played a pivotal role in the podcast’s growth. 

“Derik liked what he heard and said, ‘ Let’s bring it to the radio,’” Basham said. “It’s been the biggest blessing ever. With their equipment and his expertise in producing and editing, we’ve taken the podcast to the next level.”

Basham said his inspiration for creating the podcast stemmed from his lack of vulnerability, especially since leaving the service. He knew he needed to do a better job of being open to and embracing change. 

During the show, Basham shares several stories and testimonies and often introduces a new guest weekly. 

“When I started it, it was definitely for selfish reasons,” he said. “I began to take an interest in people and wanted to get to know more people. I get to speak with some great people, learn about their influences, and get to know them.”

The show’s theme has recently been music, with Basham interviewing several local artists. Some of those include Josh Merrit, Andy Brasher, Colt Graves, Whiskey Row, and Randy Lanham. 

Basham said he picked the perfect time to launch because Owensboro has so much local talent with a story to tell. Other guests have included woodworkers, artists, business owners, athletes, and fitness coaches.

“When people listen to the show, I want them to take time to get to know the people they’re working with and living by,” Basham said. “It’s easy to know someone’s name, but when you can look at them in a different light, everything changes. We have a talented community we can be proud of, and I want to share that with others.”

The Forgiven Soldier airs on WKWC 90.3 on Saturdays at noon and 7 p.m. and Wednesdays at 7 p.m.. It is available anywhere podcasts are found.

November 11, 2023 | 12:11 am

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