Owensboro native launches company using drones to locate fallen deer, analyze herds

November 13, 2023 | 12:10 am

Updated November 12, 2023 | 5:03 pm

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Owensboro native Hunter Askins recently launched Aero Track Deer Recovery, a company using drones and advanced technology to locate a fallen deer and analyze herds. For hunters who were unsuccessful in making a marginal shot or simply want to “play it safe,” Askins will deploy a drone equipped with thermal imaging and a 200X zoom camera.

“We can locate and identify your deer at an altitude of 400 feet,” Askins said. “We can cover a large area in a short amount of time and precisely search, all while being 100% nonintrusive to your property. With this method, there’s no need to search and walk through your bedding areas or sanctuaries and disturb any wildlife while looking for your deer.”

While Askins enjoys hunting and the outdoors, he also considers himself a conservationist. He said his services will drastically decrease the amount of hunters unable to find their deer. 

“As both hunters and conservationists, we do not want to let any of our harvest go to waste,” he said. “We owe it to the animal to find it. I want to help people close their story with the animal. Whether it’s a kid and his first deer or a seasoned hunter, every harvest is special.”

The conservation piece is pivotal in Askins’ mission with Aero Track. He said hunters should love the animals they pursue, and that very concept is one he wants to push to younger generations. 

“As sportsmen, we want the future generations to experience well-managed properties and a healthy population of deer,” Askins said. “With my service offering herd analysis, I can assist property managers and land owners in giving them critical information about their property and herd where they can take that insight and effectively manage their deer herd and wildlife.” 

The herd analysis service provides insight into herd health and buck-to-doe ratio. It also allows property owners to locate bedding areas and gain a better understanding of the overall population of the herd.

Askins has always been an avid hunter and fan of the outdoors. Since growing older, he wanted to find a way to work in the industry. 

“The past few years, I’ve noticed that a bunch of people needed assistance finding their deer,” he said. “Everyone who is a deer hunter has that one deer they still talk about to this day that they were unable to find, and I wanted to find a quick and efficient way to not only help fellow hunters find their deer, but at the same time not disrupt other wildlife or intrude deeply into someone’s property while doing it.”

For more information, search Aero Track Deer Recovery across Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Askins is also available by email at [email protected].

November 13, 2023 | 12:10 am

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