Lena’s opens shop on Monday in new location

March 31, 2024 | 12:10 am

Updated March 31, 2024 | 7:24 am

Lena’s Sewing & Alterations opens Monday morning at a new location in the Thatch on Sweeney Street. Lena Blan and her family hope to accomplish a lot with the new space.

Blan began the moving process within the last week. Everything ultimately fell into place, and this was the new home for her business. With almost 25 years in the industry, even in this process, she said the community has continued to find ways to support her.

“It feels great to be here,” Blan said. “There has been tremendous help; the offers are unreal.”

The new location at 1730 Sweeney Street has over 1,100 square feet, tripling their previous location. With the new space, the Blans said they hope to use it like they hadn’t before. This includes having display racks for custom and pre-made pieces and reselling items.

As Blan does alterations and custom sewing, over the years, she has been asked to resell prom dresses or other formal attire, which she will be able to do now.

Blan’s work includes individual requests for refitting and larger orders, including RiverPark Center plays, local fine art programs, ROTC uniforms, and more.

She also noted that she helps brides, families, and other clients in other parts of the country. She has even had requests to help make wedding and prom dresses for people in New York.

And while Blan’s name may be on the business, she acknowledges that it has been a family effort from the start. As she moves in on Easter weekend, her family is helping set the store up and prepare for opening day on Monday.

“My husband has said you don’t live around this for as many years as we’ve been married and have not picked up something,” Blan said. “There’s been times when [the whole family] was all home, and I do assembly line at home because I’m so far behind, and everyone helps.”

As she moves to this next chapter for the business, she said that she’s thankful the community and her family will be supporting her while they learn what this next chapter looks like.

“It’s a big step to move,” she said. “We have our family all behind us, but they’ve got their jobs too. So everybody has pushed to get us open.”

March 31, 2024 | 12:10 am

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