Officials listening to public feedback as design process continues for English Park renovation

May 22, 2024 | 12:15 am

Updated May 22, 2024 | 12:23 am

Photo by Josh Kelly

While there are some preliminary design ideas with an overall goal of giving English Park a unique identity, the Owensboro Parks and Recreation Department has been listening to feedback from the public as they work with a design company on renovating the site.

Nasvhille-based Lose Design has worked on other renovation projects, but Owensboro’s riverside project has provided them with a different opportunity that they’re excited about.

“This park is a really neat project for us. Riverfront parks don’t come around just every day. So we’re really looking forward to getting into this one,” said Executive Vice President Lee Davidson.

The Parks Department hosted a public meeting Monday night where community members provided insight into their hopes for the park. Director of Parks and Recreation Amanda Rogers noted there was no budget in mind yet as she is basing the project on what the community would like to see done with the park.

Rogers said that regardless of the park’s final design, she wants it to have its own identity outside of other parks like Smothers and Legion.

“I’m eager to hear your all’s ideas but understand it’s not my intent to make this look like Smothers. I want it to have its own unique identity, features, and service,” Rogers said.

At Monday’s meeting, attendees ranked the various amenities and services that Lose Designs drafted for the 13.1-acre park. Community members also had the option to insert their own ideas.

The company previously helped design Nashville’s downtown riverfront, and Owensboro resident Sheila Ridner said she really admired the work done there. She now hopes something similar will be done at English Park.

“I would like to see the park become something that’s not typical, with more emphasis on taking advantage of the scenic beauty of the river and improving the park’s accessibility for families who don’t necessarily want playgrounds but like to stroll, walk, and ride bikes with their kids in the evenings,” she said.

Ridner said that as a resident of the area, she thinks the view of the river is underutilized and could be a beneficial feature of the park.

Another idea Rogers noted was that the former administration building could also be utilized.

“It’s on the historical registry so we have some limitations with that, but that loghouse can be a part of this development as well,” she said.

As of Tuesday, Davidson said they have only scouted the land and taken preliminary photos of the grounds. They anticipate the remaining design process will take 3-4 months before presenting an idea for Parks to approve.

May 22, 2024 | 12:15 am

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