New sushi restaurant ready to rock-n-roll this summer

June 4, 2024 | 12:15 am

Updated June 4, 2024 | 12:03 am

Rock N’ Roll Sushi is expected to open in the next couple of months, but franchisee Jennifer Chancy isn’t ready to announce a definite opening date quite yet.

“I can have a projected open date of whatever I want, but the smallest little thing can push that back,” Chancy said. “I don’t want to promise something to people and it not pan out.”

When the location opens in the new three-unit building at 3750 Frederica Street (in front of the former Texas Gas building), Chancy said she wants to replicate the same feeling she had when she first entered a Rock N’ Roll Sushi.

She recalled visiting a friend in Alabama who brought her to the restaurant. At the time, she liked sushi, but she was instantly attracted to the restaurant’s atmosphere upon walking in.

“It’s rock-and-roll-themed, obviously, but when you walk in the door, it’s like walking into a concert. It was super appealing to me because of all the neon lights, the red and black; it’s just a really interesting concept to me,” she said.

The location marks the first in Kentucky for the chain, and it will have a few unique features to it compared to others that Chancy has visited.

She noted that the front of the restaurant will have a patio — something she had not seen before — along with an open-concept kitchen.

“Our [floor plan] is an open concept, so you can see them making food in the kitchen. It’s just going to be very different than what they’ve ever experienced before,” Chancy said.

Chancy has also been active on Facebook promoting the business and is thankful for the support she’s already received. She said she was taking a risk opening the business, but with the community’s support and her business partner Candice Maddox, she’s looking forward to the day they can start welcoming customers.

“It makes me feel relieved to see how many people are excited about it, and it makes me excited that I’m going to be able to reach so many people,” she said. “This is a franchise business, but I’m an Owensboro person. I’m locally owned, so I appreciate it.”

Chancy said as they get closer to opening, they will have more updates on hiring and other highlights.

Their menu includes classic sushi rolls like California, Rainbow, and eel rolls, but they also switch it up with their “Headliners” rolls.

The business began in Mobile, Alabama, with Lance and Gerri Mach Hallmark opening the first store in 2010. Over a decade later, the sushi chain has grown to more than 50 locations throughout the Southeast.

June 4, 2024 | 12:15 am

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