Popcorn’s Golf Shop moves to Wesleyan Park Plaza, adds putting green and swinging bays

June 16, 2024 | 12:10 am

Updated June 16, 2024 | 12:25 am

Popcorn’s Golf Shop has a new home in Wesleyan Park Plaza in the former Par 3 Indoor Golf Center. Referred to by most as Popcorn, Denny Howe first began buying and selling clubs on eBay and locally in 2010. 

Within months, Howe’s collection quickly outgrew his Jeep’s trunk, forcing him to create a “store” space in his garage. More exponential growth led him to launch a storefront in the old clubhouse at Ben Hawes in 2014, where he worked. 

In 2019, he moved the operation to Windridge Country Club on the county’s east side before transitioning to the current space at 527 Emory Drive #110 in April. With even more square feet, the new space boasts a putting green and multiple hitting bays. 

“I would buy a club on eBay, take it out, and start playing with it, and somebody would say, ‘Hey, let me try your club.’ Before the day ended, I might sell it,” Howe said. “I started out just buying for other people before I realized this was a business.”

How retired from Pinkerton/Swedish Match before working in the pro shop at Ben Hawes. He did that for four years before going all-in on the golf shop. 

“Ben Hawes and Windridge were great to me; I just grew bigger than the space I had,” he said. “So I spoke with the owner of the building I’m in now, and he was excited for me to come. We have a putting green and a hitting area now, along with a lot of new and used golf equipment and apparel.”

Howe added that the new location is more centrally located, adding even more convenience for his customers. He also takes pride in offering custom re-gripping and fitting services. 

As the owner and only employee, besides his pup Abby, Howe maintains regular hours Monday through Saturday. However, he said it’s always best to call or text him at 270-302-5616 before making a special trip. 

He’s contemplated selling his inventory and hanging it up occasionally, but either he or his wife typically talks him out of it. 

“It doesn’t feel like work at all,” he said. “I was going to get out of the business, but my wife said, ‘Well, what would you do?’ So anyway, that’s the reason we have stayed in it, and it’s been a good fit here.”

For more information, visit Popcorn’s Golf Shop on Facebook here.

June 16, 2024 | 12:10 am

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