Bluegrass Bronzing offers mobile spray tan services

July 10, 2024 | 12:15 am

Updated July 10, 2024 | 8:42 am

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Elizabeth Burns has heard horror story after horror story about spray tans turning people orange. So, she started Bluegrass Bronzing — a mobile business offering custom spray tan services from the comfort of a client’s home — that she guarantees will never produce such results.

The business opened in April, and Burns said she takes pride in providing her clients with quality tanning option combined with a safe space for women of all sizes and shapes.

Before she could officially enter the business, she had to take several weeks of classes to become certified. Yet even with the certifications, she said she spent some time practicing with family and friends before opening up to the public to ensure her technique was right.

With the different effects tanning beds and laying out in the sun can have on the skin, Burns said she aims to provide a healthier alternative to UV tanning.

“This is a good alternative to people who want to be tan or maintain their tan throughout the year but don’t want the risks that come with tanning beds or baking in the sun,” she said.

As to where she provides the service, she takes it to the client. As she said, she aims to make all her clients comfortable and produce personalized results that they would not be able to receive at a tanning salon.

One of the best ways she does this is by being mobile with her studio.

“Really, I do think it makes people feel more comfortable to be in the comfort of their own home,” Burns said. “So if they ask me for it, I can pack up all my gear and do it in their own space.”

Through her job at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, Burns said she has met several people in the community and formed good connections, but she also said the work she’s done with Bluegrass Bronzing has formed strong connections.

“I feel just really blessed and lucky that I’ve had such amazing support from the community. I get to be a part of people’s special events like weddings and proms and to know that they look their best and it boosts their confidence, makes me feel really good,” Burns said.

Burns said customers can contact her on Facebook to schedule an appointment.

July 10, 2024 | 12:15 am

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