Reames finally ready to build his concept car wash

September 5, 2018 | 11:50 am

Updated September 10, 2018 | 10:41 pm

After several years of travel and visiting many locations, Levi Reames has created a car wash “bigger than anything in Owensboro.”  He has “cherry picked” the concepts and features that he has spent three years extensively researching for Ollie Wash.

The first thing customers will notice about this car wash is that it is made of glass.

“This is called the microbrew effect,” Reames said. It allows customers to see in as they wait in line and also to see out as they go through the wash. They can also see all movement of the equipment during the wash.

Another feature Reames plans to add is a drive-up window and kiosk. He feels human interaction is important for those that would prefer it to a fast-pass kiosk.

The employes at Ollie Wash will be in polo-style shirts and be professional, another side of the human interaction Reames is adding to his concept.

When entering the wash, customers will experience the “lava flow,” soap feature where Reames can project logos or welcome messages with LED lights; just another feature he has seen during his travels.

Though he did not create this concept car wash with only kids and effects in mind, Reames is anticipating that often kids will be in the car, as his were while researching, and the effects will not be lost on them.

“It is kind of like restaurants when you have kids; you go where the kids want to go,” Reames said.

The roof of the building will be see through, creating a brighter experience for all who enter.

“Some kids don’t like dark tunnels and the car wash is scary,” Reames explained.

If Owensboro Metropolitan Board of Adjustment approves Reames’ variance request Thursday night, he is ready to break ground. Weather permitting, Ollie Wash will be fully-functioning in nine months.

“There is nothing like this in Owensboro,” Reames said.

Ollie Wash will be located on the corner of Fairfax Dr. and Frederica St. in The Shoppes at 3800 Frederica.

September 5, 2018 | 11:50 am

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