Say it Southern gives back, expands space

October 7, 2018 | 3:14 am

Updated October 8, 2018 | 12:33 am

Say it Southern Monogramming & More | Photo by Julia Kimbrell

It all started a little over six years ago with the simple purchase of a monogram machine. Through word of mouth and popular demand, that machine turned into two and then saw the addition of a Silhouette vinyl cutting machine.

Two stores and thousands of T-shirts and accessories later, Amy Bivin Spurrier and Tracy Pack are still going strong at Say it Southern. So strong in fact, that Spurrier has plans to acquire the former Aeropostale space in Towne Square Mall in order to expand her business and better utilize the space.

While it appears they have almost outgrown their current space for vinyl application and monogramming, Spurrier has also added door hanger painting parties to the many creative services she offers.

Towne Square is working to repair an air conditioning issue in the new space that is currently slowing down the process. Until the area is ready, Spurrier is conducting painting parties in the former Body Central location.

“We had two paint parties this weekend,” Spurrier said. “I’m so anxious to get over there (to the new space).”

Spurrier intends to design the new space to house the monogramming and embroidery shop in the front of the store, and host paint parties in the back.

Paint parties are $25 a person, with a 10 person minimum. Included in the cost, the host is able to paint for free and all necessary items are provided and set up upon arrival, including tables, paint, brushes and aprons. Spurrier said participants should leave with a door hanger that is ready to display on their wall or door.

While Spurrier enjoys the paint parties, there are certain personalized T-shirt orders that hold a special place in her heart.

When 8th grader Brookelynne Shannon was hospitalized in January, Spurrier printed the #BROOKELYNNE STRONG shirts, covering the entire cost of the T-shirts and materials, donating 100 percent to the family.

Say it Southern also printed the hundreds of #TIDWELLSTRIBE shirts in honor of local plastic surgeon, Dr. Jim Tidwell, who was paralyzed in a swimming accident in August. Due to the high number of T-shirts ordered, Say it Southern was able to recoup the cost of the shirts. However, Spurrier donated everything beyond that, which was somewhere in the ballpark of $10,000.

“She’s huge on charitable things. She probably wouldn’t tell you,” Pack said of Spurrier. “That’s just how she is. She’s very charitable.”

Not one to take the credit, Spurrier deflected the compliment back to her Owensboro customers.

“We really do have a positive, close-knit community,” Spurrier said.

Pack says her favorite items to create this time of year are the specially personalized Disney shirts for families planning to visit on Fall Break. While personalization is a big part of what they do, it is not the only thing they do.

“Southern tees are a big thing,” Spurrier said. “It’s just happened in the last few years.”

When it is all said and done, the two love what they do. That is evident in the fact that Spurrier works a six-day work week, and Pack arrives in the afternoons after working her full-time job for Daviess County Public Schools.

“I love it,” Pack said. “We do have a good time, and we love our customers. We really do.”

Say it Southern is located at 5000 Frederica St., inside Towne Square Mall. The phone number is (270)852-8902, and the store is closed on Sunday.

October 7, 2018 | 3:14 am

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