Escape Today moving downtown, opening brewery

August 28, 2019 | 3:30 am

Updated August 28, 2019 | 7:53 am

Escape Today owners David Haynes and Max Garvin announced they will be moving their business to downtown Owensboro and adding a brewery to their business model. | Photo by AP Imagery

For three years Escape Today owners David Haynes and Max Garvin have been working to establish their business as a staple of entertainment in Owensboro. Their efforts to solidify that reputation have recently pushed them into a new business venture. The two owners have plans to move their business to 820 W Second St., a property formerly occupied by Hutch’s Billiards.

The change in location places Escape Today on the rapidly developing west side of the downtown corridor, just blocks from Smothers Park. Their new property boasts nearly 7,000 square feet of usable space, allowing Haynes and Garvin to realize their dream of opening a brewery in Owensboro, something they hope to have up and running by spring of 2020.

“We are excited to announce that Escape Today will be moving downtown,” Haynes said. “This move will allow us the space to house all 50 of our arcade games, along with our other entertainment attractions, while also giving us room to expand into new territory. At our new location, we have plans of opening a brewery, which will feature a limited menu of food items as well.”

Garvin hopes joining the Second Street corridor will allow the two to revitalize a space that he says they believe has tons of potential.

“We want to be in Owensboro and to create a sense of community in our town,” Garvin said. “We believe our business brings tourism to the city, and we’re excited and committed to helping improve the social scene on the west side of the downtown area.”

Haynes and Garvin, who first opened Escape Today on Oct. 31, 2016, said the process of moving and opening will happen in waves, asking customers for patience as they make such a big transition. While the move is taking place, the business will still be open in its current location at 527 Emory Drive for customers to enjoy their many entertainment options, ranging from escape rooms to axe throwing.

“Everything is kind of happening all at once for us right now,” Haynes said. “We will continue to remain open for business as we look to serve the needs of Owensboro to the best of our ability. This is all so new still, and we are just so happy to be along for the ride with everyone else.”

Since June 1, the combination of rage rooms, escape rooms, axe throwing, arcade games and liquor sales has brought in over 4,500 patrons for Escape Today. That number is equal to Escape Today’s entire output from 2018. With business booming and Haynes and Garvin feeling the community’s full support, the owners believe that timing could not be better to make the leap into a new space downtown.

Along with the new space and the new brewery, a new name may come at some point, though nothing has been decided upon as of yet. With so much new happening all at once, Haynes wanted to be sure and remind the community that their mission has not changed a bit.

“We plan to have activities for the whole family available to enjoy,” Haynes said. “We want to have a place that people don’t limit to just for kids or just for adults. We want to be a place that our city is proud of and that provides enjoyment and entertainment for people of all backgrounds and ages.”

August 28, 2019 | 3:30 am

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