New men’s clothing store coming to Owensboro soon

September 29, 2020 | 12:08 am

Updated September 29, 2020 | 11:19 am

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Deanna Cecil enjoys bringing the latest fashion choices to her clients at Peacocks and Pearls. When the opportunity presented itself for her to expand her business to the location next door — branching out into the men’s clothing industry — she decided to go for it. 

“My brother-in-law owns the Lexington (Peacocks and Pearls) location; it’s like a family franchise with a separate LLC,” Cecil said. “I asked him what he would think about opening a men’s clothing store. He’s usually not very quick to answer but he said ‘okay, let’s do it.’ We went in half and half and decided we have nothing to lose.” 

Thanks to a leap of faith and the desire to learn something new, Cecil and her brother-in-law Todd Janes will be opening J.J. Fosters, a men’s clothing store in Owensboro in November. 


“Men’s clothing was never anything I’d considered before except maybe having a little over here,” she said. “I didn’t know if I put in more money in if it would be worth the investment. I’m just excited to have another project and an avenue we haven’t explored before.” 

The new retail space will connect from the former Bushay’s to the current Peacocks and Pearls location, giving customers access to both stores at once. The store is currently under construction with walk-through traffic now available thanks to a new 8-foot entry. 

“We have added a new dressing room, knocked down a few walls, and are giving customers the ability to check out from either terminal,” Cecil said.

Perhaps more exciting than the space itself is the new name that will hang above the door: J.J. Fosters.

“My uncle and my dad helped build every (Peacocks and Pearls) store including the two different locations we have had in Owensboro and the location in Lexington,” Cecil said. “Their last name is Johnson and my co-owner is Janes, giving us the JJ initials. My uncle and dad lived on Foster Road in the 1970s. I love that our name has a story.”

Cecil said the store will add new brands to Owensboro, offering a variety of men’s clothing rather than just one style. 

“Not everyone wants to wear a button down everyday. Think buttery soft quarter zips, things for a hunter, catering to all walks of life,” Cecil said. 

The store has a tentative opening date of November. Due to the pandemic, Cecil says that some inventory may be limited at first. The website is still under construction and will launch within about six months.

Although there is much to be done, Cecil feels like everything is falling into place. She said J.J. Fosters will be the perfect addition to the Peacocks and Pearls shopping experience.

“I am excited about offering great customer service through a men’s store. I envision a good manly vibe. Athleisure, grit, pants, shirts, T-shirts, polos, blazers,” Cecil said. “Owensboro needed a store that’s a little of everything to offer men.”

September 29, 2020 | 12:08 am

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