Chamber Member of the Week: T&T Vendors Mall

February 15, 2021 | 12:08 am

Updated February 14, 2021 | 10:43 pm

T&T Vendors Mall

Since opening its doors in September, T&T Vendors Mall has become a thriving shopping center for those who enjoy antiques, collectibles and everything in between. With record-setting sales and a diverse inventory that continues to grow, store officials said business is going great. 

T&T Vendors Mall — based out of Tell City, Indiana— took over the space at 601 Commerce Drive that previously housed Peddler’s Mall. According to store manager Jobeth Mathews, the decision to expand has already proven successful. 

“We’ve actually seen a really big [uptick] in sales,” she said. “We’ve had record-setting weekends the last couple of weekends. Each weekend has beat the last record.” 


Vendors bring in homemade items, toys, collectibles, furniture, clothing, food items and more to the mall and rent out a space to sell their items from. Vendors are able to price the items themselves and periodically come in to pick up checks from the store. 

The profits from each sale go directly to the vendor, while T&T collects a 6% sales tax from and monthly rent payments for each vendor’s space. 

Mathews said she believes the store’s success speaks for people’s desire to find quality items at a discounted price — even more so during a period of economic fragility. 

“Especially with the pandemic going on, I think people want to try to shop cheap,” she said. “Consignment stores sell things for 10 or 15 cents, and it goes all the way up to our expensive mattresses.” 

Shoppers can find almost anything at T&T Vendors Mall, including daily items such as food and medicine to more leisurely items such as homemade candles or a large collection of vinyl records. 

Bargain hunters can also find an array of tools, knives, pellet guns, home decor and even crystals inside the store. 

The owners, Mathews noted, have strived to make their business as family-oriented as possible — so plenty of children’s clothing, toys and accessories can also be found. 

The store also holds specials for vendors and customers. Right now, incoming vendors can enjoy a month of rent-free space, while customers can take advantage of an evolving collection of marked-down items at their own leisure. 

“We’re a very family-based business,” Mathews said, “so we treat everybody like family as much as we can.” 

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February 15, 2021 | 12:08 am

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