Gramps Coffee & Donuts set to open downtown this summer

April 5, 2021 | 12:10 am

Updated April 4, 2021 | 9:36 pm

Graphic by Owensboro Times

Gramps Coffee & Donuts, a locally owned establishment that will offer hand-crafted donut creations and a range of coffee options, will be opening this summer in downtown Owensboro.

Gramps will be located at the corner of 4th and Frederica streets in the building that was connected to the former Raines Shoe Hospital.

Owners Greg and Amy Gilmore have conducted a swift makeover of the property in recent months.


The Gilmores, Owensboro natives, said they’ve been dreaming about the possibility of serving their community in this way for some time. Though the ongoing pandemic has certainly slowed the process, the two say there isn’t much that could stop them from pursuing their dream. 

“We have always dreamed of opening a bakery where we can care for the community while giving them something delicious to eat,” Amy said. “After Greg’s dad (Dennis) — the original Gramps — was diagnosed with cancer, we decided not to put off our dreams and go for it. We started with a plan to open in 2019 but faced several issues with building plans that pushed us into looking for a new space. Then 2020 happened and everything slowed down, which allowed us to really hone in on what we wanted to do and find the perfect spot for Gramps to open.”

Greg said he and his family share a tight bond that helped them get through Dennis’ diagnosis, along with a common faith in God to provide for them. He said the family now hopes to share that same bond and faith with future patrons.

“Our goal is to add to the loving environment that the town of Owensboro already brings in a unique way,” Greg said. “In everything we do, from donuts to our renovated space, we want people to experience old and familiar things with a new twist. We want people to be able to create new traditions with their friends and family alike.” 

The Gilmore family said they know there are already other great options in town when it comes to donuts and coffee. However, they believe there is still more room in Owensboro for a unique take on a familiar tradition that complements the other options. 

“I love baking and the OG (Original Gramps) loves coffee,” Amy said. “Coffee and donuts go together like milk and cookies. We may add other items to the menu down the road but we plan to offer a limited menu that we are experts at making for our customers. The types of donuts we plan to offer are not the “traditional” donut.” 

Gramps Coffee and Donuts is slated to open sometime this summer, with a more specific date to be nailed down as things fall into place for the Gilmore family. The couple said that their menu will feature five-six daily donuts, as well as a rotation of seasonal donuts to pair with the lattes and cold brews they will offer. 

The location offers ample parking, as well as the potential for outdoor dining areas in the future. Additionally, Gramps Coffee & Donuts plans to have an event space on-site that could serve as meeting spot for businesses or be used for birthday parties

The Gilmore family says they are still in the process of developing a social media and website presence at this time. However, to learn more about how to partner with the business or to inquire about career opportunities, interested parties can email the Gilmores at

April 5, 2021 | 12:10 am

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