Gray Sky Music continues to create jingles after 25 years

November 23, 2021 | 12:09 am

Updated November 22, 2021 | 9:36 pm

Gray Sky Music | Photo provided

Gray Sky Music has been the only jingle company in Owensboro for 25 years. Husband-and-wife duo Matthew and Nicole Gray produce music for local singers and songwriters but also create jingles and custom music for businesses across the country. 

Matthew Gray has produced for local musicians and songwriters such as Cathy Mullins, Mitch Douglas, Cameron Thompson, Skylar Cain, Wayne Morris and Laura Ramburger.

“I started Gray Sky Music because of a love for music and the time I spent in recording studios in Nashville,” he said. 

In college, Gray worked an internship with a recording studio that was also producing jingles for national advertisers such as Budweiser, Miller Beer, Taco Bell, McDonald’s and many more.

“By working with and watching how those people wrote and recorded jingles I got the itch to try it myself,” Gray said. “After the birth of my firstborn son, I was inspired to write and record a short song for him. I recorded it on the new recording equipment that I bought on credit cards, to test it out. My wife and I shared it with a family friend who in turn asked if she could use the song on the radio for an advertisement for a local Right to Life Organization called Action Life League.”

That was Gray’s first jingle on the radio. His second jingle was for Welborn Floral Company and the third was for Owensboro Body Shop. From there, he said, the rest was history. 

“Although there were other recording studios in Owensboro, nobody ever got into jingle work. With some very helpful advice and leadership from Corky Norcia and Kevin Riecke at the Cromwell Radio Group, I decided to be the first and only jingle company in Owensboro,” Gray said. 

Some of the tri-state businesses he has produced jingles for are Owensboro Municipal Utilities, Turoni’s Pizza, Poole’s Pharmacy Care, Old Hickory Bar-B-Q, 54 Pizza Express, Ole South Barbecue, Spa City USA, TriState Orthopedic Urgent Care, and more.

While many of Gray’s clients are from the tri-state area, he works with businesses across the country. 

“Car dealers, restaurants, grocery stores, medical, colleges/universities, pest control, malls, nonprofits — you name it, I’ve done a jingle for it.” he said.

November 23, 2021 | 12:09 am

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