Apollo grad builds mansions in the Metaverse

February 21, 2022 | 12:09 am

Updated February 20, 2022 | 5:30 pm

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Landon Meserve is helping change the world of virtual real estate and NFTs. What started as an interest in technology and design has become a career in the Metaverse. 

Currently, he is the Project Manager for the KEYS Metamansion NFT Project. The KEYS project is an ecosystem built on a virtual reality experience incorporating architecture and real estate. Releasing March 18th is the KEYS NFT collection which includes 8,888 digital mansions aimed to revolutionize virtual real estate verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

Owners of these Meta Mansions will be able to generate profit from their digital residence inside of the KEYS Metaverse as well as by staking their KEYS tokens, selling art through their 3D marketplace, furniture collections, product placement, special events and more.

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Meserve is a 2013 graduate from Apollo High School and got his start in virtual design as a sophomore within STEM. In Aaron Yeiser’s technology class, he had the chance to work with design programs that were in their early adoption in the workforce. From there, he taught himself a lot about 3D models and virtual reality design. 

“I graduated Apollo with the mindset that I was going to be in technology,” he said. I wanted to stay in-state and use my KEES money, but a lot of colleges didn’t have programs that were tailored to what I was looking for.”

So, he went to Morehead State University on an academic & running scholarship and studied Civil Engineering Technology and Construction Management.

After graduation, he moved to Alabama and worked in construction management and virtual design, utilizing 3d models. A couple of years later, he moved back to Kentucky to raise a family. Now his latest adventure with KEYS is taking him to new levels and places. 

“I’m overseeing the general timeline of the KEYS collections, and working alongside of the high-end architects and world-renown designers. We are designing the 3D models, and creating the first of it’s kind generative pipeline for a 3D NFT collection” Meserve said. “They’re incredible. No one has ever produced anything like this before.” 

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NFT stands for non-fungible token and acts as a digital wallet that can be sold or traded by verification of the blockchain. NFTs are a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, games, and in Meserve’s business, virtual real estate.

Meserve said he knows that NFTs can be challenging to understand and even that they are a joke to some people. The KEYS crypto is investable – you can put money into it, make money, lose money — just like the stock market, but much more volatile.

“The Metaverse is not a place or a space,” Meserve said. “The Metaverse is a time frame that we all live in. We are living in it to a certain degree through social connection. I am being that bridge that gets us to the next stepping stone in the Metaverse. It’s kind of weird – Metaverse is a coined name – that we are calling it for our immersive self for this virtual world that we are already living in, but now it’s evolving into something more. Your NFT wallet will define who you are as a person in the digital and real world.”

Once a user buys an NFT Meta Mansion, they will have the capability soon to put on their virtual reality headset or use another compatible device to enter this new world. By holding KEYS the user will be able to buy and sell real estate and luxury assets in both the Metaverse and physical world and gain access to exclusive investment opportunities and events.

Each NFT Meta Mansion will sell for 0.88 Ethereum, approximately $2,800. The collection will be considered a “hidden collection”, as all 8,888 NFTs and their metadata that provides the rarity to each NFT will be hidden from vision until the mint is over. The rarity defines how valuable the NFT’s will be, so in a way, it is a lottery.

Meserve said he knows this project is going to be “something special.”

“It’s amazing we have this opportunity before it takes off the way we know it will,” he said. 

To see more designs visit Meserve’s personal Instagram @LandonMeserve or to see more about Meta Mansions or KEYS, visit their website, or Instagrams, @KEYS and @metamansions.nft. 

February 21, 2022 | 12:09 am

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