Lanham Offroad Accessories offers complete vehicle customization experience

April 11, 2022 | 12:10 am

Updated April 10, 2022 | 6:36 pm

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Devin Lanham is a local young entrepreneur that has opened two successful businesses and has dreams to open more. When he established Lanham Offroad Accessories at the age of 17, he knew he was taking a risk. Six years later, he says it was worth it. 

“I got my first building at 18,” Lanham said. “I used the money I was going to use towards college to start the business. I was very nervous not leaving for college at that young of an age with no backup plan. I was wondering if people were going to take me seriously.”


While he knew there was a lot on the line when he established Lanham Offroad Accessories, he felt passionate about what he was setting out to do. 

“I grew up in a car business family. My granddad and father were car salesmen. I have always been around collector cars and hot rods,” Lanham said. 

The passion he felt for this line of work extended from his childhood, when a television show sparked his interest in aftermarket customization. 

“Every Saturday we used to watch Pimp My Ride,” Lanham said. “Seeing trucks and stuff like that get customized was something I fell in love with, and I knew I wanted to do that.”

Lanham Offroad Accessories offers aftermarket and custom parts of every kind for vehicle customization for trucks, jeeps, cars, and ATVs.

“We offer everything custom and aftermarket for all vehicles with every custom part you can possibly put on or even want,” Lanham said.

The one-stop-shop offers installation of the products they sell, describing their services as a complete custom experience from wheels and tires to accessories. In addition to the aftermarket products, the store offers repair work, car tires, and batteries. 

“Quick, easy, and badass is our slogan,” Lanham said. “We are the third-largest interstate dealer in Kentucky. We also install emergency lights for several of the volunteer fire departments around town.” 

Two years ago, Lanham established his second business venture, Lanham Logistics. 

“I have eight drivers and eight trucks, delivering for contractors and Menards,” Lanham said. “I’m an entrepreneur and I’ll do more jobs in my lifetime, but Lanham Offroad will always be there.”

His favorite part of the job is watching customer reactions after their vehicle has transformed into the vision they had.

“I love seeing the customer’s faces when they get their truck back. From stock to a piece of artwork that no one has but you, is what it’s about,” Lanham said. 

Lanham says his business is working on a website to be released later this year, which would allow him to provide parts and accessories nationwide. 

Lanham Offroad Accessories is located at 1307 West 2nd Street. 

“Seeing something that we’ve done every time I get in the car and drive around town is amazing,” he said. “It’s humbling and I love it. I don’t want to do anything else.”

April 11, 2022 | 12:10 am

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