Price Ice Baby planning to add second truck, make more stops in Daviess County next year

September 10, 2022 | 12:08 am

Updated September 9, 2022 | 6:46 pm

Price Ice Baby has completed the majority of its first season as a mobile snow cone business, and owner Kodi Shutt said she is excited for year two — with hopes of expanding next summer.

Shutt said she and her husband purchased the business, which she said was fairly stationary in Hartford under the previous owners. The business primarily operated just outside the barbershop A Cut Above, and it still does.

However, this summer Shutt took the business out on the road. They made several trips to Owensboro with appearances at Friday After 5, PorchFest, and the HydroFair, as well as venturing into McLean County.

And on their stationary days in Ohio County, it’s not abnormal for people from neighboring counties to come to the location, Shutt said.

“We have people that drive to Hartford from Central City, Madisonville, Owensboro. I’ve had several people from Island … that’s pretty cool that they are driving over here just for an icee. It’s exciting,” Shutt said.

Because of the dedication to being in the community, Shutt said next summer they are already in the works of having a second truck dedicated to special events and rentals. The new truck will still follow the same scheme and theme as the first, but may be a bit more modern with its look.

Shutt said the truck will stop in Daviess County through the week for different events in the area.

“I’m looking forward to next year because I think there’s so much opportunity to bring what I consider a dessert. I want people to experience more than just shaved ice,” she said.

Shutt said her unique products set Price Ice apart from other snow cone businesses — as well as the way she tries to make it affordable for small families and large groups. Right now the base menu ranges from $2 to $4, with their largest option being a 16 oz. snow cone.

She said several customers comment that they appreciate the chance to get the treats without “it breaking the bank.”

To find out more or stay up to date with Price Ice, visit their Facebook Page.

September 10, 2022 | 12:08 am

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