Strength Renewed offers personalized approach to personal training, massage therapy

October 14, 2022 | 12:10 am

Updated October 13, 2022 | 10:17 pm

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After doing personal training and massage therapy since 2009, Ulysses Johnson thought it was the perfect time to create his own business Strength Renewed. Now, he will be able to provide a more personalized approach to helping his clients meet their goals.

Johnson originally got into physical therapy during his time in the Marine Corps. He always had a passion for fitness and health and wanted to help people reach their goals.

So he began to follow that path.

“I want to help everybody as much as I can. So like, I don’t mind helping people that are trying to get in better shape to get into the military, or to pass their military fitness test, or trying to lose weight, or somebody that just isn’t sure how to exercise properly,” Johnson said.

He previously worked at a wellness center, where he focused on massage therapy and did personal training on the side.

With Strength Renewed, Johnson tries to connect with and know the client, including what their goals and weaknesses are. The workouts are all structured around the client’s capabilities. 

The process begins with a consultation, where they assess cardiovascular health, previous workout experience, goals, and more.

Currently, Johnson does not offer full classes because of his limited space. However, he said that partner training would be possible if two clients would like to train together.

In the other half of his space, Johnson has a massage table where clients can refresh their muscles. The table is not limited to just personal training clients, though, as anyone interested in a massage can register for one.

“A lot of people look at massage therapy like a luxury or something to do just because it feels good. But most people get massages because they’re in pain and they can’t function at work,” he said,

He noted that massage therapy isn’t only beneficial for muscle relaxation, but mental relaxation as well.

“Massage therapy can help with mental health issues like anxiety and depression and stuff like that by releasing hormones that make you feel happier or feel better about yourself,” Johnson said.

Now able to focus on the direct and individualized approach to physical wellness, Johnson is very excited to get into the routine.

“It feels like even though I was serving the community working at other places, I feel like I’m truly serving the community because it’s my name and my business out there now,” he said.

To keep up to date with Strength Renewed, Johnson said to keep an eye on hist Facebook page as he posts daily updates on openings. To book a time, head to the website.

October 14, 2022 | 12:10 am

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