Plus-size boutique Samantha’s Closet closing this month

February 8, 2023 | 12:11 am

Updated February 8, 2023 | 1:25 am

Samantha Raley, owner of Samantha's Closet, stands in her store in October 2022. She recently announced the store would be closing. | Photo by Ryan Richardson

Samantha’s Closet — a plus-size boutique located located in the Thatch Shopping Center on Sweeney Street — is closing by the end of the month. It opened in October 2021.

Owner Samantha Raley made the announcement recently via Facebook.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Raley said her store would be open until the end of the month or until she sells out of inventory, whichever comes first. She said she’s “super limited on stock and sizing” but everything is 50% off.

In the original announcement posted Saturday, Raley started by simply saying, “It’s time. I’m closing my business.”

Raley detailed how she’s spent the past nearly 14 months working hard both getting the business going and keeping it stocked with unique inventory she offered.

But she said her journey has been about more than that.

“I’ve spent (most of the time the business was open) helping women see themselves the way I see them. Spent it hyping them up, tossing clothes they would never pick themselves into the dressing room. Spent it watching their eyes light up in the mirror. Spent it sitting on my chaise lounge with them as they cry because they don’t feel beautiful or worthy. Spent it sharing my own story and journey with them. Spent it hugging and hand holding and celebrating them. Spent it watching these women find themselves, their worth in themselves,” Raley said in her post.

Raley said she’s unsure of what comes next, but wrote in her post that “My mission in life hasn’t changed. I fully believe I am here to help women. I believe it with my whole being. But this chapter is closing. And as devastating as it is, I’m working on finding peace with that.”

She added, “This chapter was a big one. And you each played a part. I can’t wait to see what we do together next.”

Samantha’s Closet is located at 1728 Sweeney Street. For more information on hours and sales, visit the store on Facebook.

February 8, 2023 | 12:11 am

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